Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the actual day ~ 24/05/2011

Finally it all over, i mean my boys's big day. Now all my extra task finish and back to the normal schdule, and finally take a bit rest ( i hope).

On their actual day, we had a small celebration at their kindy and since this is also their last year at the kindy, let them have some fun with all their little friends at kindy.

an invitation sent to the individual kids at the kindy....oh ya, that is my "cute" handwritting, not my boys. Now you may laugh at my handwritting!

order another batch of "angry bird" cuppies for the kids. This round with slight different deco on the cupcakes.

nice and colourful angry bird cupcakes.....

party pack, i asked the art teacher to teach my boys to draw or do some deco on the party pack, instead of me alone finish all. *evil smile*
This batch all done by the boys and the goodies inside prepare by me, all junk food again. :)

This round i do something for the kids and teachers again. Since i need to cook for the party, teachers suggest me to do something like two years ago, easier for me and easier for the teachers too, and it wont be so messy. Yes, another round bento for kids and teachers, but this round won't have any fancy and nice bento box, it just normal tupperware i get from supermarket. Now, that is the extra task to add on to my list!!!

get all the tupperware ready, put in some cookies papercup (good idea?)

Oh ya, this round not so much bento compare to last round, this time only 35 bentos for kids and teachers.

slowly add in spaghetti, nuggets and sausage!! I want to do some nice deco on the sausage but lack of practice, i had a fail one. I just did some really simple flower sausage and lazy and easy way. That explain different box got different type of sausages. LOL

this is the one that i want to do , after fail so many times. Towards the end i got it right, but due to time permit, i got no time to add extra sausage in the centre to make like a flower or smiley sausage. So it just goes into the box like this. Easy and lazy way. hahahahhahahha

all packed and ready to go........looks like catering food? hahahhaha

when i reached kindy, teachers are playing some games with the kids, while let me to get the things ready.

Fearles looking serious..

notice the small boy next to Cruz? Teacher told me, this small boy is my boys "god brother" because this small boy like my boys and always like to stick them and play with them.

all the lunch boxes line up properly on the tables...




time for cake cutting....everyone sing Hapy Birthday song in four version, English, Bahasa , Chinese and another one is "christian".

two cheeky boys...

after blowing the candles, teacher pray for them and bless them.

time for food...

finish the food, now cupcakes time!

Fearles is a slow eater..

Beside than the spaghetti, i made some konyaku jellies and bring vitagen for the kids too! Everyone had a fruitful meal ( i hope), i can see teachers enjoy it too. :)

i get the boys took a picture with their classmate, 7 kids in the class.

another picture.....

pressie from their friends at kindy....

happy posing with their toys!!!!!!!

We don't have any celebration with the family, on the night, we asked the boys what they like to eat, kids as usual, they told us they want to eat MCD! We brought them to Mcd for a quick dinner, then we rush home, as they got art class at night. Simple and quiet 6th birthday celebration for this year .


chanelwong said...

I admire your detail n effort from lovely cards, party bags,cakes till the lovely yummy bento...

I am sure the boys are very happy...

Blessed Birthday to you boys...

Charmaine said...

Lucky Fearless and Cruz! Annie, great effort.. so 'yau sum'.

suituapui said... nice! Your boys so lucky to have you as their mum. My daughter never wanted any always quiet celebration at home - eat cake. :( Picnic, party...what's next? Agong's birthday also not so grand. LOL!!!

Pete said...

Wah, so many goodies...can Uncle Pete join the party kah?...errr, spaghetti, my favourite leh..

MeRy said...

very nice birthday invitation and also the meals looks great.

Small Kucing said...

wow what a wonderful celebration!

Mummy Moon said...

Very yao sum gei mummy, bento, party gift, cup cakes.. the kids are indeed lucky. I can see the boys smiled so happily.

mommy to chumsy said... nice. a lot of hardwork from mommy :)

LittleLamb said...

Its Christian kindy so no malay hai mai? cos P' school very strict. they scare the food tak halal..even those cupcakes....

anyway u did it again. Good job, Hard job. Tabik u.

Happy Birthday to the boys.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Oh wow its a Super 6 Day..great fun for all the kids..

cleffairy said...

Waaaaa.... so much food... the kids must be stuffed by the end of the meal. =D Could have fooled anybody with those, Annie. Really looks like catering food. So nice~

Nilofer said...

Great blog. Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments

UmmiRosma said...

I love to see the happy faces of the kids. The cuppies are fabulous as well as the lunch pack. They were neatly presented. I always like your bento..

Happy bday to your twins..

Annie Q said...

Chanel: This is some little small things that i can do while i still can to make my boys happy. Hope they appreciate it, and when i am old, they better be good to me. LOL! Thanks for the birthday wish for my boys. :)

Charmaine: thank you!

STP: Should i said i spoilt them by organise them birthday party every year, till they always count down for their birthday? When they grow older, they won't want any party anymore.

Pete: Uncle Pete, if we invite you, will you come to our party? ~ Fearles & Cruz

MeRy: Thanks Mery!

small kucing: thank you!

mummy moon: thank you

mommy to chumsy: this one ok la, compare to your DIY, yours got more work .

Little Lamb: Christian kindy, but also got other races. Teacher do advise us to prepare food that not contain "oink oink". :)
Ya, i did it again!!! hahahhahahha..
Thanks for the birthday wish for my boys.

Bananaz: yea, all kids having so much fun!

cleffairy: Oh ya, all kids stuffed by the food!! They can't take anymore cupcakes, so i give them and ta pow back.
Catering food? can fool people.

Nilofer: Thanks for dropping by, and will hop over to yours soon.

UmmiRosma: Thank you so much for your compliment Ummi.

Ann said... are really hardworking. Your boys are really blessed.

By the way...wondering what school they go to? Is it Christian based?

coffeesncookies said...

That's a lot of work to do and apart frm the 2 happy bday boyz, I'm sure the rest of d kids are always delighted w Aunty Annie's surprise bday lunch packs :D

jacss said...

annie, u r really geng. im sure the teachers will missed having u around. isn't the final year at kindy very special?? good job!!
here's wishing yr boys happy & healthy :D

chinnee said...

Annie, u know what i am thinking. surely the boys in your boys class and the teachers look forward to your boys' birthday every year, hahaha!!!

Merryn said...

i want ethan to be your boys' classmates too! so lucky their friends!!!!

Yee Ling said...

Annie u r a great cook. Salute u! I faint seeing so many bento