Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picnic 6th Birthday Celebration

On 15.05.2011, my boys had an early joint birthday celebration together with Ashley, as many of you already know three of them are born on the same year and same day. :)

This year we ( me and Barb) got a chance to get our kids to celebrate together. One month before , we already plan where to go and we just want something simple and easy. After few discussion, still nothing come out, we thought of give up and will do individual. Then this picnic idea, came from Barb, and i agree with her idea, from there we start to plan.

Like i said in previous post , beside than planning the birthday party for them, at the same time i am also mid doing their new room and shifting them to their new room, hoping all can done before their birthday.

Before we plan for the picnic, i told the boys this year there will be no party for them, just a simple one at home and in school, they look at me and kind of sad. It's a good idea choosing picnic as a birthday party, it would be better if the weather not so hot!

It is a Sunday morning, all my in laws had to work and also my hub, so at the picnic party, it's only kids from my side. I brought the 7 kids with me and off we depart the house at around 8am. Hard to find parking on a Sunday morning, looks like everyone woke up early on Sunday and go to park for morning exercise. It's quite a challenge for me to bring 5 kids ( the other two came later) and not forget the foods and drinks and party packs!!! Every kids i assign them to help me with those lighter stuff, and i am carrying a tray of mee siam and 30 packs of nasi lemak and i went for second round to bring the packet drinks.

the birthday boys...

my boys with their favourite two jie jie (cousins)

We are the earliest, everyone still not there, after we put all the stuff at one and the only hut at the park, kids can't wait to go to the playground and running around and i manage to snap some pictures also.

huge crowds doing their morning dancing at the park with the loud music blazing, so happening ya?

mee siam

nasi lemak

some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, nuggets and konyaku jellies from your truly.

Barb brought some char siew puff, nyonya kuih, siew mai, fish balls, sausages and some bottle drinks.

kids happily enjoy themselve with the foods, recognize who are they?

My boys, two Ian, one is Inspired Mom's boy and another one is my nephew and Jayden.

all the pretties mummies...Sasha, Elaine, inspired mom and Barb

Ashley, the birthday girl for the day too.

After the light breakfast, all kids can't wait to go to the stream and catch small fishes, this is my boys second exprience at the stream. We brought them to this stream when they are 2yo+ but that time they are still young not really enjoy, but just like the water. Last year we attended a mom's kid birthday party here too, but it was raining, the boys just get to play for a while. This time they really enjoy themselve so much!! They spent almost one hour there!

look at the kids, busy catching fishes. This place is cooling with not so much sun light, now we are planning another mini picnic by the stream!! This is a better place for picnic, can monitors the kids and also we can sit at the side.

cheeky Amber..

pretty Tessa

After the kids spent about one hour + at the stream, the sun is getting hot, and it is around 11.15am, and everyone about to leave. We have to "pull" all the kids out from the stream and only can start the cake cutting session.

angry bird cuppies for this year. :)

singing happy birthday song....

the three birthday kids.

Ashley enjoy her cupcake.

Fearles favourite chocolate cupcake.

Cruz said "finger licking good"!

Party packs for the kids. This year i am losing idea on what to prepare and what to give. Use zip bag and put some junks in. Look plain, so i add some colourful sticker and wrote every kids name on the party pack to make it look nicer.

thank you everyone for the lovely pressies for my boys.

party pack from Barb to the kids, so creative! I love her thank you note!

pressie from aunty Barb, aunty Wai Mann, aunty Elaine, aunty Sasha, aunty Shireen
aunty Jacss ,aunty Patsy and aunty Catherine.

Thank you everyone for coming to my boys picnic birthday celebration, and hope everyone of you do enjoy yourself. I am sure all the kids enjoy because my boys and the cousins already ask me when do i bring them again for picnic!!!!! We are actually planning another picnic trip, hut this round we just want simple food drinks and not carry tons of foods and drinks like mad. I got a body ache and sore arm and shoulder the next day.


mNhL said...

Such a fun location to celebrate birthday party ! I believe even the adults enjoyed themselves :D

Yvonne said...

Nice picnic-cum-birthday celebration. Nowadays ppl usually opt for indoor parties but outdoors sure look fun too, despite the weather is sometimes a tad warm/wet :)

chanelwong said...

it is a nice birthday party..outdoor... both kids n adults have fun...

Small Kucing said...

Hurray for picnic birthday! Taman TDDI?

suituapui said...

Aha! I see Ian! And your boys are growing bigger and more handsome by the day... I'm sure a picnic is a lot more fun.

reanaclaire said...

First time i see Inspired Mum's pic.. Sasha's hair has grown longer.. Elaine i have met before.. anyway, hope to meet u all up one day!

MeRy said...

That was a fun birthday party..

婕妮诗 said...

What a great idea to have the special brithday party.. Can see all the kids are enjoying the natural environment:D Lastly, not forget to wish your boys Happy BirthdaY !

Annie Q said...

mNhL: Make a change for this round doing outdoor party instead of having it at home. I do hope everyone enjoy themselves. :)

Yvonnne: Outdoor party, weather is an issue, but of course prefer sunny rather than rainy day.

chanelwong: thanks. :)

smallkucing: ya ya, TTDI park.

STP: I am first time meeting up with inspired mom and her boy too.
Thanks, my boys only grow tall and not grow side way. hahahhahah

reanaclaire: My first time meet up with Inspired mum too! You still have not meet up with me and Barb yet! There are another few mummies that day but not in the picture, Patsy, Health Freak mummy and Jaclyn.

MeRy: Thanks!

Janice: Thanks for the birthday wish for my boys.

Yee Ling said...

I love the party packs you have prepared. Very nice!! Me first time seeing Inspired Mom pic...

Merryn said...

I love the Angry Bird cuppies!!!!!!!

Alice said...

the food look so tasty....
happy belated birthday!

LittleLamb said...

what's with the black attire? all wanted to look slim..hehehehehe

coffeesncookies said...

@little lamb - not sure abt the rest but yes, I wanna look slimmer :D
Thx again Annie n Barb, for pulling the picnic together. Lotsa hard work and the kids enjoyed themselves very much :D

jacss said...

tks for inviting us along thou we were late & spent very little time yakking. but i enjoyed the food, nasi lemak, meehoon siam all my favourite :D

may wong said...

Hi.. I love your blog & been a silent follower for some time. Can I ask where did you order these lovely cupcakes from? My boy's birthday is around the corner & he's crazy about angry birds.

Annie Q said...

Hi May, thanks for dropping by to read my humble posts :) I am glad you like reading my posts and glad finally you made a comment here.

Oh ya, the cupcakes, i order from my brother in law's sister, she bake for part time. If you want to know detail let me know, if no, i think now a lot places also can get AB cupcakes, it's an AB fever now. I saw my friend even can get AB moon cakes and also an AB cake!

Unknown said...

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