Thursday, May 19, 2011

Their pearly white dropped!

My boys dropped their teeth last week, to be exact ~ 12/05/2011.

When i look back at my old post, i only found that i didn't post about Cruz dropped his first pearly white last year end, I posted in FB but not here.

As a record, i got the picture from FB...

Cruz dropped his first tooth last year ~ 18/11/2010, just few days before their year end kindy thanks giving day.

Last Thurs, when i reached home from work, Fearles look at me and smile, and i notice his bottom tooth was missing. He told me, my tooth came off already!! :( I don't know why i feel so sad about it.

After dinner, while i enjoy a little moment for myself for watching my tv, my niece came and tell me, Cruz's mouth was bleeding. I was like what happen? He knock somewhere? I found Cruz was washing his mouth and still got little bleed. When i look closer, it was actually his two teeth came off!! One is already a bit shaky, but i have no idea why both came off. One night i am collecting three pearly white. *double sigh*

When they first grow their pearly white i was excited and happy. I remember the teeth that dropped actually is their first tooth that first grow out when they are still a baby. Cruz has his first tooth earlier than Fearles. That's explain Cruz dropped his earlier also?

When i posted the picture above in FB, everyone said Cruz must be in pain or he is so sad that he dropped two teeth in one time. Actual story was, i am teasing him and still want to take a picture of him. He asked me, why i took picture, i said "i want to show the everyone that you dropped your teeth" . He got angry and start sobbing, but i still want to take a picture of him. I know i am bad. :(

Sons, i took pictures, because i just want to noted it down here..:)

Night time, when i asked them to pose for me to take another picture, they happily stand and smile for me.


Small Kucing said...

the last photo very funny. A photo to remember

prince n princess mum said...

Cute! Smiles without tooth.. ;)

suituapui said...

Eyewwww.... Did they keep the teeth under the pillows and the tooth fairy put lots of money in exchange for it? LOL!!

etceteramommyy said...

Yes, they say the teeth will fall in the order they sprouted. I wonder how long it takes for the permeant tooth to come out after the milk tooth drop.

Cynthia said...

you keep the teeth? I didn't keep mine when they dropped, coz I was told that if I throw it straight out, my tooth will come out nice and straight!

reanaclaire said...

hahhaa...u er.. no wonder that pic showed him red eyed.. a memorable piece..

Pete said...

New teeth coming out! Wah, you remember the dates their milk teeth drop leh!

Yvonne said...

Like the last pic, both look so happy despite dropping their tooth.

I'm now waiting in fear for my girl's first tooth to drop. I know it's a phase everyone would go, but somehow feel sad....

Annie Q said...

Small kucing: ya, some pictures for remembrance.

prince n princess mum: ya...very soon will see more teeth dropping. :( Hope not wait too long for the new permemant teeth to grow out.

STP: i kept their teeth but not under their pillow. I safe keep it somewhere. I want to practise that tooth fairy's tale, but i worried, once they saw a lot money under their pillow, end up they want all their teeth all drop in one time!!

etceteramommy: Yea, i hope not wait too long for the new one to sprout.

Cynthia: Oh, i keep mine. Must throw it straight out? Hmmmm..hope my boys new teeth will come out straight and nice.

reanaclaire: me very bad hor? hehehehe

Pete: of course lei, this is good about FB, once you post up, you can see the date, easy to monitor and keep track. :P

Yvonne: Ya, Yvonne, i don't know why i am feeling very sad too when i see their first tooth dropped, so heart pain. :(