Monday, June 20, 2011

Bird Park revisit ~ 2011

My mum and my nephew were here during the recent school holidays. Beside than daily bring my mum out for some eating spree, i am not forget the kids too. I took two days off, it's a Friday morning, i brought them to bird park, since my nephew never been to bird park before.

I told the kids to wake up early, so it won't be so hot. We had breakfast at the mamak stall that nearby my house, then we off to the bird park.

Reached there around 10am, it was not so crowded, althought it is a school holiday. Easily to get parking and purchase the ticket then we start our "tour".

This is my boy's third visit, the first time we were with Elaine and family, second time they are with their kindy, and this time they are with their cousin and my mum.

this is the first birds that greet us....

i like this picture, my boys and their cousin and my mum. Too bad no one can take a picture of all of us, i am the camera "girl" for the whole trip.

this is the poor peacock with the ugly and almost all drop off fur, i asked the boys to stand behind the peacock and i took a picture and i told them i still can see them throught the peacock fur. LOL! I know i am bad.

birds are having their morning breakfast...

We "kill" our time by walking around nearby to snap some bird pictures while waiting for the first round bird feeding at 10.30am.

the three boys..

my two skinny minny boys...

mandarin duck?

finally it's feeding time, see all the birds gather in one place and wait for their breakfast.

While we are waiting for another hornbill feeding session, we saw this koi fish pond, we bought the fish food at the vending machine, and let the kids feed the fish. They have so much fun too. :S



a type of hornbill...

This time the hornbill feeding not much intersting compare to last round while the kids get to try their hand to feed the birds. After the bird feeding session, we walk to another side, the place where the kids looking forwards.........................................................

Taking pictures with the bird!! We took a group photo and purchase it at RM30 and the staff use my camera to take a few more pictures too.

Notice the grey bird on Cruz's hand? Cruz name him "hamsap" bird, while we are taking picture, it saw those bling bling things on my shirt, it thought it's food, it keep pecked me on the wrong part! Cruz keep laugh at the silly bird.

After the group pictures, the kids want to take individual pictures with the birds. You can use your own camera to snap, they will charge RM10, but they will only give you two birds. I don't know why my boys got so many birds on their hand and head, and yet i only paid for RM10
. After my boys then my nephew and even my mum also want to try. LOL

Then we proceed to the feeding lollies part, the kids look forward to it too. Two years ago, my boys were afraid of the bird, Fearles even cry when all the lollies stand on his hand and head. This time round, they enjoy so much till i have to "drag" them out from that place.

Not only kids enjoy, adults enjoy too...look at my mum!

Spending almost 20 mins inside there, they still not willing to leave, keep ask me to buy more milk for the lollies to drink. I have to tell them, the lollies too full to drink more milk, later they will puke.

It's noon time, the weather getting hotter and hotter, we had some ice cream before we leave.

Another picture with the birds, my mum and her three grandchildren.

I am glad, the kids enjoy themselve and so do my mum. :)


suituapui said...

So nice, You all must have had a really good time. That should be two weeks or so ago. Your mum must be back in Sibu by now since school reopened last week? Your nephew has grown - much bigger than when I saw him last year in Sibu.

reanaclaire said...

hey.. annie.. your mummy so young!! for a moment, i thought it was u in the first pic.. till i read your words below.. gosh.. really young! tell her that!

etceteramommy said...

After reading all the positive reviews here, I really do want to pay Bird Park a visit. But I'm quite worried the birds will 'attack' Darren. :P Will the birds land on the kids out of the sudden?

mommy to chumsy said...

wei, you better hurry with your post. your mom is already back and probably planning her next trip to kl again...hahahahahhaahahhahaa.

Annie Q said...

STP: hahahha, yes, it's a back dated post again!! :( I got so many back dated post to catch up not to mention blog hopping. :S My mum they went back on the 8/6, my nephew grown up a lot, although i just saw him last year end, this time round, he look more mature and no more shy like last year when first time here.

reanaclaire: I have to agree with you Claire, sometime when i look at my mum's picture, i see myself in her. hahahhaha Many people said my mum is young, but she herself always said she is old.

etceteramommy: Have you been to the bird park in KL? Compare to zoo, i think me and the kids prefer bird park more. :) Quite interesting, i think your boys will love it too. Don't worry, the birds won't land on the kids out of sudden, they won't "attack" the kids. If you're to see the feeding time, you might need to make sure you stand near the boys, so the bird flew in won't give them a shock, other than that, all are ok.

mommy to chumsy: *piak*! Ya ya i know i am way behind with all the back dated post. :P Tell you what, i still not finish my korea post yet! hahahhaha, now i wonder is there anyone still want to read or not.

Pete said...

Hah, who cabut all the peacock!

Bananazą®‡ said...

Wowie love the pix of the peacock with the three kids behind it but what happen to the beautiful feathers? Oh you are like a copy paste of your mom..

BoeyJoey said...

we love bird park too :-). HQ also went 3 times already, and still wants to go!

jacss said...

hahaha....aunty look so cute in that photo with the birds!!
yr boys can be a tour guide edi next trip :P
glad yr mom had a good day with the boys!!