Friday, June 24, 2011

A fruitful day outing

It was a Saturday morning, i told my mum i am going to bring her to the biggest popular bookstore at IPC (Ikano Power Centre), since my mum want to look for some chinese book. We brought the kids together with us since during school holidays i didn't bring them go anywhere, except for the day before brought them to the bird park.

We had breakfast at Kluang Station, while having breakfast we heard loud noise from the concourse area, to our surprise, we saw a lot movie "characters" on stage and took pictures with everyone, i only realise they are having some movie carnival at the mall.

My boys and my nephew quickly finish their breakfast and hurry we went down.

Look how excited they are?

star wars and some other characters..

this is chipmunks i know. hahhahahhaha

After we spent almost three hours at the mall, we left, had late lunch at Kuchai Lama, then we went to this dessert shop, My Honeymoon, at Kuchai Lama branch, i heard so much about this place, but never been to, since my hub not a dessert person.

Too many choice, till we don't know what to choose, end up we are having this......

my mum order this "fu chok yee mai", taste so so only, i think our homemade one is a lot better.

the kids are sharing this mango snow ice. Nice and yummy. Good to have it on a hot day.

i am having this, don't know what it call, top with mango, and the bottom like some "flat noodles" but in cold, nice nice.

Brought my mum and nephew to Din Tai Fung for dinner, kids just enjoy the xiao long pao so so much, i can see my nephew enjoy himself so much this trip and so do my boys.


Small Kucing said...

need cooling ice. such a hot day

suituapui said...

Love your boys' t-shorts. Your nephew's growing up to be a real handsome lad, I see...

Pete said...

he he he, nice outing. got to meet the movies character

yvonne said...

Smurfs!! My favourite cartoon when I was a kid.

And mango snow ice.... now I'm craving for one.

reanaclaire said...

the last dessert looks funny.. mango with flat noodles?
I have been to din tai fung once.. taiwanese restaurant, right?

Merryn said...

My Honeymoon u must try their Durian Love! That's the ONLY thing I like there.. haha.. Snowflake better!!! :D

Annie Q said...

small Kucing: Yes, this is good for a hot hot sunny day.

STP: love the tee shirt? heheh..means mummy got a "good taste" ya? hahahahha

Pete: We didn't plan, it just coincident we "bump" into that movie carnival things, that's why the kids are excited, it's like a surprise for them.

Yvonne: Make sure you don't miss the smurfs show, it will be showing in 1st Sept, if i remember it correctly.

Claire: not exactly noodles, but texture a bit like "keow teow", so i call it flat noodles? hahahha.
Ya ya, Din Tai Fong, taiwanese restaurant, we love their xiao long pau.

Merryn: hahahhaha, i am not a durian person, that's why i didn't choose any durian dessert. Once i step in Honeymoon i can smell the strong durian smell. I have yet to try snowflake, the queue make me scare! But from the picture, i think i will prefer honeymoon more than snowflakes?

Bananazą®‡ said...

*Sobs* During my time no got those movie "characters" one? Time changed! Hahaha Oh love fu chok yee mai my favorite.