Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sports Day ~ 2011

I cannot believe i have "neglect" this blog for almost three weeks!! I am back, not that i go for another holidays, but May is just a busy month for me. After the birthday party and all then my mum and my newphew was in town for 10 days during the school holidays, that explain on my MIA (missing in action).

Last month, my boys had their yearly sports day on the 1st day of school holidays ~ 28/05/2011,it's a Saturday morning, this year the event start early at 8.30am and this will be my boys last year sports day in the kindy.

I am a bit surprise this year, two of them are in different team! One in blue and one in yellow, so this mummy have to cheer for two teams!

every year the same set up . :P

kids matching out, Fearles in yellow team.

Cruz in blue team.

I think i know why this year two of them in different team, maybe there are a lot young kids, so need to get those older kids so split into three groups and let them guide the small one.

After sing Negaraku, praying, and sing some songs, sports day started.

Fearles run, run run run...

Cruz, go go go go go go

Fearles...quick quick quick... run run...

Fearles concentrate put the things through the string..

Cruz, done and run!

The "race" last about 45 mins, then it's parent time to have some race, this year i didn't join, give chance to others. LOL


Fearles's yellow team , got the 1st..

Cruz's blue team got 2nd place, no picture taken, because i am one of the parent being invite to give out the prize. :D

Fearles with his gold medal, Cruz with his silver medal

After the sports over, some light breakfast/brunch served. All contribute by the parents. This year being a bit lazy, i just get some very nice egg tart from the morning market nearby my house, everyone like it so much and praise it to the sky. hahahhaha

My boys having some fun at the school, they enjoy playing with their friends, and we are the last to leave the school.


Pete said...

Fun day, but these days it is real hot for outdoor activities.

Congrat to Fearless and Cruz for winning the trophies..

suituapui said...

Congratulation, boys. Future Olympics champions in the making.....

KF said...

Nice. Looks like ur boys had fun Annie

yvonne said...

Oh, your boys' kindy has Sports day? This is fun, especially for the lil ones!

Bananazą®‡ said...

Go Cruz blue go Fearles yellow go go go. Great both win. Congratz.

jacss said...

so it must be good mommy present the medal to her boys huh :D
good job boys!!
so coming next must be lots of food post????

Annie Q said...

Pete: YES!! The hot weather. They thought start it early at least not so hot, who knows by 8am, the sun is so bright and hot already!! :(

STP: Future Olympics champions? hahahhaha, never think so far yet.

KF: Karen!!!!! Welcome and thanks for your comment! I saw you also got a blog? Already link you up. :)

yvonne: ya, those small and simple "sports" for the small kids. hahahhaha, just let the kids have fun.

Bananaz: thanks thanks!!

Jacss: hahahhaha, i present the medal for 2nd place, Cruz's team.
Food post? Don't worry, no food post. Safe to drop by here. LOL

slavemom said...

So cool... can be the guest of honour to present medals to the kids. ;)