Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nathalie's Gourmet Studio @ Solaris Dutamas

Sometime in last month end, our boss sent us for a team -building course, usually those course things is something boring, but he came out with an idea, which is sent all of us for "A" cooking course!

The place he choose no other than Nathalie's Gourmet Studio!! We had it on a working day, we leave an hour early to go for the course. Ya, you can imagine after finish, it is almost 10pm!!

Nathalie's Gourmet Studio

Fully equip kitchen, this is the place where we learn our cooking & baking! Cool ya.

We had some tea and coffee, while waiting for my other colleagues to arrive.

restaurant area, the table setting is for all of us, we ate the food that we cooked! LOL!

Since it is a team building course, we divided to three groups, each groups got 6 person. We rotate to do the task, very interesting.

Below pictures are from my colleague, he took quite a lot pictures, but it is not so nice for me to post up here with all my colleagues and boss face in the pictures. :P

Dough kneading ! Oh..i don't know how to knead and that is why i don't know how to bake!! I only can go for "cheating and easy way".

this is the apple caramel in the oven.....while waiting for it to bake, we prepare other foods.

egg mix and the precooked tart.

add roast vegetables, grated parmesan cheese on top...

add in the egg mix and basil leaves

this is how it's look before it go into the oven...

this is Sable, it read as "Sa-blay"

we are preparing Sable Breton

Tada, this is the roasted vegetables tart that we made!

while we all sit outside at the restaurant, the Chef and also our teacher, Nathalie is preparing our dinner and to make it look more presentable.

our main course, nice? ~ Roasted Vegetable Tart

now she is preparing our dessert.....

~Apple Tatin Tart On A Britany Sable
~Salted Caramel Espuma

Yes, this is the dessert that we learn on that night!!

not only that, we got a scoop of vanilla ice cream to complete this dessert.

YES! We learn how to make that vanilla ice cream too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh ya, we bake this French Baguettes too! I love this so much!
Eat it with salted butter, it just perfect!!

Ok, i only know how to eat, ask me to bake....hmmmmmmmm......

We had a good time, it is really a good and interesting team building course and we all enjoy eating the food that cooked by us too! This is my very first baking and cooking class, it sure give me a very good experience.

To end the night..............i bought myself .....................................

a box of Nathalie's signature macaron !


Small Kucing said...

wa......so good. So...going to join more baking class or not? inspired?

reanaclaire said...

hey..your boss so nice one!!! does she employ oldies like me? teambuilding in cooking fine dining, i want la.. no need to go to those jungle trekking and going into rivers... *pengsan*

suituapui said...

Ooooo...nice! Haven't made tarts and pies for so long now. So lazy... LOL!!!

prince n princess mum said...

Nice environment for cooking n baking~~~

Luciana said...

cool!! must do again :)
i mean the "makan" part, not the "bake" one :D

Annie Q said...

small kucing: hmmmmmmm...no lei, i don't know why i am not into baking, cooking i still ok la, but of course not this fine dining type of cooking, a lot of work! hahha

claire: hahahha, my boss is a man, not lady. :P Ya, i should consider lucky not ask us to go to jungle, i don't know how i am going to survive. hhahahahha

STP: Not that you're lazy, now you are busy finding good food in Sibu and find way to torture us! LOL! I am also into "lazy mode", so long i have not fix any bento. All my tools are collecting dust.

prince n princess mum: Yea, just like those cooking show in AFC! A very nice experience for me.

Luciana: hahahhaha, yea yea, i agree, must do it again on the makan part!!

mommy to chumsy said...

now i feel like eating some pastries :( so do you know how to bake already?

Pete said...

I would love to have a kitchen like that!