Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lion City - Singapore 2011 - Day 1

~ Another backdated post ~

During the long raya week and the short school holidays break and just few days after i back from Sibu Sarawak, we went to Singapore for a 3 days 2 nights short holidays. Believe it or not, i never step foot in this country before and this is my VERY FIRST trip in lion city. tsk tsk tsk.

It is a very last minute arrangement, sister in law arrange the trip while i am back in Sibu. She manage to grab the offer from Tiger Airways and this is also our first time taking Tiger Airways.

This trip was mainly "ladies + kids" trip, me, my younger sister in law and hub's sister and 4 active boys! My hub and his younger brother, they ride the bike to Hatyai instead of joining us.

We left on Sunday evening, it was about an hour flight, but the journey to airport and waiting and from airport to hotel, took us a lot of times. Flight depart at the "forever-busy" budget airport LCCT, lucky flight depart on time and check-in at the counter was a breeze, it was at another section and no long queue and less havoc.

Tiger Airways

travel light with two boys, and they help me with the hand trolly luggages.

Flight touch down on time, we reached Singapore budget airport at 5.40pm, after immigration, bus transfer to Changi Airport, then we took MRT to town center, after change at a few station we are end up at ION shopping Mall. :S

MRT from airport to City Center

look at the long route!

I mention earlier, this is my first trip, and my two sister in law only been there twice or thrice, so one of them is our "tour guide". Lucky we still manage to find our way to the hotel and didn't get lost . hahahhahah

We are staying in this hotel, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

this is our room, quite spacious, manage to accommodate 3 adults and 4 kids!! We add one extra bed, hub's sister was sleeping on the extra bed, me and my sister with kids sleep on the twin queen bed, it just nice to fit three of us in one bed.

I love this hotel, their service is good, hotel room nice and clean, staffs are polite and helpful. I don't mind to go back again to this hotel for my future visit.

After we checked in the hotel, put our luggage in the room, then we were out again to hunt for food. We were heading to Marina Bay.

there are one row of restaurant with very unique and nice design just next to the hotel. This trip was too rush, we got no time to check that out, we just passed by the place.

the four hyper active BOYS!

Preggie sister in law...

me and hub's sister, two sitting on the reserved seat. It was ok, because that time was not crowded. :D

Marina Bay

We are thinking to have some street food here, but look at the distance to walk over, we nearly faint. Everyone were so hungry, kids had some bread in the room before we came out. There is one new shopping mall in Marina Bay, we decide to just go to the food court to have our late dinner. After check with the information counter on which direction is the food court, and what time do they closed, because it was already 10pm! We walk and walk and walk, like forever never reach the end of the building to locate that food court! tsk tsk tsk

night view at Marina Bay, beautiful. But my camera did not capture the nice night view. Ok, it's my lousy photograph skill. :P

when we walk and walk to find the food court, we passed by one of the cafe, suddenly heard the loud water dropping down, we stand there and watch, interesting. I think they have certain time to have this .

Finally, we reached the food court, such a long walk! This food court is next to a skating rink.

i order roast duck rice for the boys to share

my plate of CKT, taste ok, i order "medium size " because i am super hungry and it cost me SG8 ..tsk tsk tsk..i know...don't convert don't convert, but can't help, i still do the calculation.

Hub's sister sizzling plate with rice. Look good.

Sister in law was having some noodles i think, too hungry and i didn't take picture of her food. :P

After our late dinner, and think of walking a long way out again, all of us surrender. We check with the information counter, which is the short cut to walk out from the building. She told us can walk up to the roof top then from there can walk to the main road.

It has a very nice view on the roof top, enjoy the scenery at Marina Bay, and we can see Singapore Flyer,and also oversee the Singapore river nice night view.

Singapore Flyer

the boys on the bridge...

view from the bridge, a very nice place to visit during night. I enjoy very much with the scenery.

We had a slow stroll on the bridge and took some pictures and went back to hotel and rest. It is almost 12am, kids were all worn out and we need a good rest, because we know the next day will be another long day.



Sasha Tan said...

wahhhh its been like so long since i been there and it llooks fun wei.. Eh yr sil preggie ah..last time see her also belum preggie. Congrats to her and yr bil :)

suituapui said...

So near yet so far! Like so many have never been to Sabah or Sarawak but they have been to so many countries in the world.

Ya...Singapore's too expensive these days - stay in a lousy hotel there, go KL can stay in 5-star one and enjoy the luxury and comfort...and the food - for a simple breakfast at a food court there, the whole family can have a really nice dinner here.

Small Kucing said...

Going to a Lion City with a Tiger Plane :p

looks fun leh...

Inspired Momx1 said...

The last time hubby and I were there was like 10 years ago. Hahaha.. Things there are getting expensive due to the conversion rate..

Alice Law said...

Oh dear, I should pray harder so tht my kids will grow up faster like yours, thn can be my handy helper... oh, gonna pray hard so they are hardworking and helpful like yours too!

Such a nice trip, I start to miss Singapore liao!

mNhL said...

U r not alone. Hubby also never step his foot into S'pore before! haha...

Nice night view.... looking forward to your next post....

yvonne said...

I've never been to Singapre too :p

Wanted to visit the lion city one day ... one fine day when my 2 monsters are not that sticky and can manage themselves better.

coffeesncookies said...

A short but packed and enjoyable trip. I think the kids very tahan ... can walk and play all day.. I wanna go too but I don't think mine can tahan one whole day at Universal Studio.

Annie Q said...

Sasha: Time to plan another trip, this round with your another two handsome boys.:)
Ya, she will due in Nov, she is good at "hiding" her tummy. :D:D

Arthur: Yes, so near yet so far. Agree, it is expensive in Singapore, wait you read my next post, and you will faint on what i spent on a simple thing! *sob sob*

Small Kucing: hahahhaha..Lion City in Tiger plane!

Inspired Momx1: Time to plan another trip, this time go with your prince. :) Ya, things are getting expensive, if don't convert still ok, once convert you will heart pain on what you speng. :D

Alice Law: When your kids start grow up fast, then you will hope they don't grow up so fast, can always be your small baby. Like i said, when they are a bit older, can arrange another family trip there.

mNhL: Oh, then your hub can shake hand with me. hahahhaha.

yvonne: Oh, happy to know that i am not alone. :D:D:D. Quick arrange a family trip to Lion City, when your kids a bit older. I am sure they will like it.

coffeesncookies: hahah..short trip, but fully utilize the time!! No waste anytime. The kids ar, because got gang ma, sure can walk and play whole day.

Anonymous said...
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Bananazஇ said...

If Bananaz is there at the time when the water drop he would be stuck there until the water stops.

jacss said...

hey besides feasting on food a lot lately, u also had quite a bit of travellings ehh.... it must be fun for the boys having the cousins around! so how abt your virgin visit to SG, do u like it??

Yee Ling said...

Next time must visit Singapore Flyer...hehehhe

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