Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Creation - Part 53

Happy Halloween!!

This year, we didn't get invited or join any treat or tricks like last year, so how we "celebrate" this day? We do nothing but i am fixing another "Halloween" bento for the boys.

Hope this one look a bit "better" than the previous "injury ghost" !! hahahha

rice with three little cute "ghost", sweet and sour chicken, meat ball, quail eggs, strawberry and grapes. Add one Halloween lollipop in the box to add the "Halloween feel".

a hand is sticking out from the box...

a feet is sticking out from the box.

three cute little "ghost" sleeping on the nori (seaweed).

Hope you all like my "Halloween" theme bento lunch.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Creation - Part 52

When i saw the "doughnut bread" idea at pinterest few days ago, i told myself, i must try it.

Here is my version, fixed it last two days for my boys breakfast. When i am back from work, they said, i got surprise today, i got doughnut bread!! I like!! Please fix again!

Cruz - doughnut bread with kaya , cereal fruit loops, strawberry, and a mini bread.

Fearles - doughnut bread with nutella, cereal fruit loops, grapes and a mini bread.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Creation - Part 51

It had been quite sometime since i last fix lunch bento for my boys. Last weekend, i decide to fixed something for them. I told Cruz i want to do "halloween" bento for them. You know he look at me in puzzle and asked "are you sure you know how to do???????" I said i will do something really simple since i am not so expert and creative.

So this is the outcome........hmmmmmmm.....i know the "ghost" don't look very scary :(.

simple lunch - fish, anchovies, "injury ghost" and grapes.

closer look

I should try harder next round! hahahhaha..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marutama Ra-Men @ Fahrenheit 88

Usually, we will spent our Sunday going out for some window shopping, or some movie and for some food.

Two weeks ago, hub said he want to try the Ramen at this restaurant, Marutama Ra-Men @ Fahrenheit 88, his brother always it is nice. Here we are......

Marutama Ra-Men

The menu

meat balls..

BBQ pork - char siew...


pork belly...

fresh seaweed, no taste.

this is my bowl of char siew Ramen

The ramen here looks like wantan noodles, but taste not like wantan noodles, but it is nice, just nice, not the type of ramen that i like.

hub's bowl of ramen, similar as mine, but he got an egg. :)

Good service and food was ok. I still prefer my Ramen at this place.

After dinner, how can we missed to go to the opposite shopping mall? Yes, we are at Pavillion and this is my second time step foot at Pavillion.

Ok, must take a picture at this place, like what everyone will do. :)

We are here to check out the.......................................................................

Tokyo Street!!!!

Since we already had our dinner, we just check out the place, maybe should go there to try out the food next round. We come to this shop that sell Mochi, Cruz is a big fans of Mochi, we walk in and have a look.

Mochi Sweets

look at the mochi, delicious and it come no cheap!!

I bought four different flavour, hub said get a box which contain six, i told him i am not eating, only Cruz and Fearles and it can't keep long also. Reach home, i have a small bite, it cold and the skin so chewy and i like the texture and not too sweet also. It is so different from the normal mochi, i love it so much and you can guess end up who finish all!!!!!

We went into Daiso, this time i behave very good, didn't get much things and no bento stuff this round too! hahahhahah

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calling for B-A-T-M-A-N!

Last weekend, while on the way back home from our dinner. We saw a long straight beam of light from a shopping mall that near our house. Casually, i asked the boys to see, and said maybe there are some function going on at the mall.....then our conversation as below....

Me: see, there is light from Mid Valley, there must be something going on. Maybe got party or show.

Cruz: No la mummy, actually THEY ARE CALLING FOR BATMAN!!!!

Suddenly we all quiet and for second after realise what Cruz said , me and hub laugh so loud and hard! Hub tease him

Hub: ya ya, they are calling for Bat-Cruz!

Sometime kids can said the darnest things and you don't know what is in their mind and their imagination.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Lion City - Singapore 2011 - Day 3

Third day, we don't have any plan and our flight was in the late afternoon. Actually i do plan to join "duck tour" on day 3 morning since we are quite free with no plan. After checking with the hotel concierge, they said the tour only available at 1pm. It will be a bit too rush for us if we join the tour.

Since with no plan, we woke up quite late, take our own sweet time, get ready, and we headed to Vivo City (again) to have our brunch with my sister in law's mother and aunty, since they are all in Singapore.

My sister in law keep telling us, she want to bring us to this restaurant to have lunch, she said it is really nice, she was here during her last visit. And i have to agree with her on the food, and the price very good too. hahahahhahah

Bosses Restaurant....(ok, someone spot the spelling mistake when i post this picture up in my Facebook)

ok...the spelling on this wet tissue is correct. :)

all black and white concept...very unique.

we were there early, that explain not much patrons. Actually, the restaurant was full, we told them since we are here, just let us go in...pleaseeeee....but they keep telling us they are full, we said we come all the way from Malaysia, and we didn't kow we have to make booking. After few "please", the captain lead us in. LOL

Since sister in law been there before, so we let her do the food ordering....and at the end i think she over order!! Look at the food, with 6 ladies + 4 kids + 1 baby how to finish?? tsk tsk tsk...

the tidbits or appetizer - fish skin? Hmmmm..usually i don't fancy those skin skin things, but this one quite tasty and it is very crispy.

egg tarts...hmmm..i don't take egg tart, so cannot comment on this.

xiao long pau - i tell you, this is super nice, i think a lot better than the famous one in KL.

char siew pau, nice.

hmmmm...cannot recall what is this...but i know it's something spicy, fish and chicken combination, quite tasty.

siew mai...

taufu soup...

Cod fish..

sweet and sour meat for the kids. This is good, i love it too.

crispy chicken with lots of fried garlic on top.

braised sea cucumber + some type of mushroom. Can you believe, i had three huge cucumber to myself!! Because my sister in law's mother and aunty they don't eat sea cucumber!! *burp*

steam custard bun (nai yew pau) we have to ta pow this...

this one is interesting. A plate of crispy rice and they pour it into the hot soup, it's like having rice in soup, but this is tasty, something like what i had it in Hong Kong two years back.

After the heavy brunch, we still got sometime to kill. Sister in law and her mother they decide to have some shopping at Vivo City and my hub sister want to go back to USS to get something. Me and the boys go with my hub sister, better not to let her go alone, and before we take the escalator up to the top floor to take the monorail, to our horror, it is FULL OF PEOPLE! The queue was so long till they have to block off the escalator avoiding people keep going up. Most of them are foreigner, and everyone were pushing away, i have to hold my boys tight, oh dear, i think this is the most horror time. People push till my boys stuck aside and we can't walk up to the escalator, lucky there are security, he let us with kids to go first.

look at the madness, i thought i am in some foreign country!!!!!!!!

we got a hard time to board the monorail, everyone not queuing, once they saw the train arrived, we don't need to walk and those behind you and beside you will push and squeeze till we stuck our face on the monorail door, yes, it is that bad!!!! I am so worried my boys, i hold one, and my hub sister help me hold one, we had to hold them so so tight scare lost them behind. I told hub sister, lucky sister in law didn't follow us, otherwise she will give birth her baby here!!! Everyone not considerate till they jam the monorail, till the staff have to "pull" the extra people out from the cabin. tsk tsk tsk ...what an experience. It actually just a short distance from Vivo City to USS, but the drama took us almost 40 minutes to reach USS!!!

Reach USS, hub sister quickly get what she want, and i quickly get some shirt from there and took some picture and we left.

another picture at USS.

Meet up with sister in law, then we head back to hotel, packed and ready to go to airport.

time to leave...and this is my first trip in Singapore, short trip but fruitful! Me and the boys enjoy very much.