Monday, October 03, 2011

Lion City - Singapore 2011 - Day 2

Second day, USS ( Universal Studio Singapore) day, woke up around 8am, but it rain so heavy. We get the kids ready, get them to drink some milk and eat some bread. We waited till the rain a bit smaller then we get a taxi to Vivo City.

We adults having breakfast there and the kids has some too. Since there are 7 of us, cannot fit in one taxi, we took two taxi.

Me and the boys reached first, while waiting for sister in law, we had some camwhoring.

We had our breakfast here at Food Republic at Vivo City, lots of varities and the food are good. In fact after our USS, we had our late dinner/supper here again at night.

this stall selling chinese pastry and homemade soya bean drink, very nice.

look at the fluffy chinese pastry, so tempt to try, but too much choice at this food repulic till we don't have chance to try this.

Hub's sister fish head noodles.

my nasi lemak! Look at the lucheon meat, it look so good and tasty, but actually no, it taste like rubber!! But the sambal and the rice are good.

i order some char siew pau for sharing, i like this type of char siew pau.

kids decide to have some roti canai.

sister in law's ribs noodles, she said it is good!

this is how the noodles look like.

After a quick breakfast, we took the monorail from Vivo City to USS. It is a very short ride, it took about 5 - 7 mins only.

we stop at waterfront station.

here we was still drizzling that time.

I love this candy tree, look so colorful.

we didn't stand near to take a picture, it was raining and look at the crowd. Tsk tsk tsk.

we get the rain coat for the boys.

we saw kungfu panda, it was a long queue if want to take picture with him, we wasted no time, we go for other first.

me and the boys

some view at the USS.

far far away 4D show...

look at the long queue, we queued for 1 hour+ for this!

the lost world

we took a picture with this "yummy", while hub's sister bring my two newphew for the "mummy scary roller coaster ride"!!

Water World

This is very interesting, if you seated at the front row or at the session that get wet, i tell you, you're getting FULLY wet, when it said a bit wet, actually you get WET too!!!! While watching this, i get my boys wear their rain coat to avoid get FULLY WET. hahahah

After the water world, all of us feel hungry, me and sister in law and my two boys go for some snack while hub sister and two newphews went for another ride.

We all took a break here...walked too much and queue for each ride was torturing! Oh ya, actually we can get express pass, it cost SG48 per pass. You don't need to queue, can just walk in and take the ride. Since my boys don't take much ride, and that time it almost night, it kind of waste if we purchase it.

And worst, i walked too much and my shoe soak in water for too long, and my shoe decide to said "bye bye" to me!!! Leave me no choice and i got myself a pair of slipper at one of the kiosk at USS, guess how much?? It cost me SG40!!! *faint* my most expensive slipper! No, it did not print any USS word on the slipper. Recently when i do my shopping at one of the shopping mall nearby my area, i saw this kiosk selling the same slipper and the same brand, it cost MY40! Yes, again, don't do convertion so it will be same price. :S

i bought this two water tumbles for the boys.

we took picture with another "eye candies" while hub's sister and two nephews went for the scary roller coaster ride!!

this is the roller didn't go for the ride, getting old and i got a weak heart. hahah

me and the boys

Me and the boys walk around at the New York Street and we spot this.....

the yellow cab..

then this suprise come and greet us, Madagascar and friends.

It's about 7.30pm, we took some group pictures and we need to rush to another place for show.

another group picture. I like Cruz cheeky pose.

a picture of the four boys.

on the way out, Cruz saw this cotton candy, he told me he want, look how "tall" is the cotton candy, and when the wind blow, you can see it "slant" aside.

Before we leave, it's a must to take a picture here. :D

We rush for a show at Sentosa Island, we took the same monorail till the last station and we watched this Song of the Sea show at the beach side, it was very interesting .

this is end of the show...

and fireworks.

Show start at 8.40pm and it about 25 mins show. By the time it finish it about 9.30pm, we went back to USS again, as sister in law they want to get some more things from there. By the time all finish, we reached at Vivo City almost 10pm+ and had our very late dinner! It is almsot 12am when we reached hotel, bath the kids, put them to sleep and we start do some packing, and me and sister in law only slept at 3am!!! A tired and fruitful day!


chinnee ( said...

it was a fun outing. Although with only mummies, i see u all really enjoyed to the max!

My Shabu Shabu said...

You are so entertaining. Enjoy reading your escapade. Me should tell hubby even if she doesn't know you. Hahaha. But he knows Singapore!

My Shabu Shabu said...

Hubby a he, i mean. Lol.

michelle@mybabybay said...

The place looks fun for the kids!

Bananazą®‡ said...

WE LOVE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!.. Love Madagascar haha. Whoa roller coaster Bananaz must ride on it. Wow the 'Song of the Sea' should be nice and lastly great fireworks. tQ.

mNhL said...

That was a huge cotton candy!!! I love them when I was a child....even until now also. heheehe...

Alice Law said...

Wow, so much to see and explore!! We often dine in Food Republic too, much economical thn eating in Sentosa island, lol! Wow @ the giant candy frost!O_o

Annie Q said...

Chin Nee: Yes, it is a fun outing, although just we ladies, and kids are the one that having most fun!

My Shabu Shabu: Glad you enjoy reading it. :) Your hub know Singapore? He been to Singapore? How about you?
Don't worry about the typo error, heheheh..sometime type too fast, and your finger "slip".

Michelle: Yea, kids love it, but compare to other amusement park, this one consider small, but we are not waste time in queuing, actually we can finish all.

Bananaz: Wah! Didn't know you're quite "happening" too. You like Madagascar? Can you shake your bum bum too? I like to move it move it, i like to move it move it.hahhahah
Ride roller coaster? WOW!! You sure got strong heart!!
Yes, if you visit Sentosa, should go and see this "Song of the Sea", it got story on this show, interesting.

mNhL: YES! I love cotton candy too! The one too huge, Cruz cannot finish it, in fact i have to help him to finish half. Ouch! My teeth pain.

Alice: Ya, it is more economical eating at food republic but like i said the price was ok IF we don't convert! It still expensive after we convert. :S

Yee Ling said...

i love food republic with lots of varities!

Wow..the day u went also kind of crowded,hor.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice trip with yummy food!

suituapui said...

On trips like this, the most important thing is that the kids have lots of fun. Missing those days when we used to do that with Melissa... Now all grown already. Sigh!!! Those were the days.

jacss said...

u guys are so so so adventurous, i think i would have collapse after dinner, but u all could last till midnight *geng*
i would love to watch that Song of the sea show one day!!

Ann said...

Was waiting to see if you post the slippers! :) It was an emergency so cost is not to be factored in during those cases.

Looks like a hectic day. Reckon the kids have to be bigger and no need afternoon sleep to handle USS.

Sorry about your luncheon meat...though all the other noodles look yummy.

yvonne said...

Ahem, Mr.Yummy is very "delicious", hehehe.

coffeesncookies said...

ahhh.. now I read yr Sg post. After my trip there.. I know better on what you're writing.. where and doing what. :D :D :D