Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yuan Xiang Seafood Restaurant @ Port Dickson

In the earlier post, i was mention, we didn't get to have our breakfast, since all of us woke up late and the breakfast at the hotel is lousy, we save our stomach for the lunch.

After checked out from the hotel, we went nearby to have our late lunch. This is our first time at this restaurant, this restaurant is inside/next to a temple, in PD, you sure won't missed that the big temple, this is where the restaurant located.

Yuen Xiang Seafood Village

lala in clear soup, they add some chili paid in the soup, to give that an extra kick. Nice.
But the lala, a bit small.

ok, i forgot what is this. hahahhaha..i think is chicken fillet?

marmite chicken, this is nice.

kangkung belacan

omelette for the kids.

small squids

butter prawns..

sweet and sour meat for the kids..

spicy steam fish, taste good.

and last with this very miserable chicken. No, no one has take the chicken, this is how it look when they serve. tsk tsk tsk.

Overall food was ok, service a bit slow, and you have to keep waving at them to get the service. Since we all are super hungry, we didn't complain much and in PD hardly can find something which is really really nice. We don't mind to go back to this place again.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Admiral Cove @ Port Dickson

Time flies, another one more week, school will re-open again. :( *sigh*

During this school holidays, we didn't bring the boys to anywhere, it is a busy month. Beginning of the month, we brought the kids to a short holiday at Port Dickson, the nearest.

We are at this hotel again, Admiral Cove Port Dickson, we sign up as a member of Avillion, we got complimentary room voucher at Admiral Cove too.

The hotel lobby area over look the beautiful sea.

They upgrade our room to Deluxe room this time,bigger room , but i still like their superior room on our last visit, their air cond is super cold.

twin bed room...

got a day bed near the window..

Shower room....

We arrived quite late in the evening around 6pm, kids can't wait want to go for a swim.

evening view at the pool side.....

After spending one hour + in the pool, we all are hungry and went out for dinner. To the restaurant that we visited often, food as usual are good, no pictures, because i am too hungry and have to taking care the four kids, ( one of my sister in law didn't go, as she is still in confinement, i have to help her to take care her kids on the food) . We had a birthday cake cutting session there too to celebrate my hub and my second brother in law and his son birthday, all are December babies!!

Guess what, while on the way to the dinner place, we saw this fun fair, kids are all excited want to go to fun fair. After dinner, we decide to stop for a while, it is already pass 10pm, but it is still a lot people.

This is my boys first time to fun fair, they are so excited!!

first ride on the "mini roller coaster" run quite fast you know!

second ride, some spinning things, fly fast, i so worry my two skinny boys will fly out!!!

all the kids get ready, 7 of them!!

it "fly" high and fast!!! tsk tsk tsk

then some of them went to "ghost ride"

Me and Cruz the scary cat, we didn't go for the ride, but surprise Fearles went with the daddy. All of them had a good laugh, said the "ghost" very funny!! :S

this is the "ghost train" they ride, veyr short, it just make a turn and come out, but it keep turning like 7-8 rounds, in and out from the house.

and they went for another spin. :S

Fearles and her favourite Ester jie jie...

Cruz and his favourite cousin brother..

We spent almost an hour in the fun fair, then we went back to hotel and rest. All of us are dead tired.

Next day, we all woke up late, and we skip breakfast as the breakfast at this hotel is horrible, i don't know why the management didn't do anything to the breakfast, even thought they have received a lot complain from the guests. :( We get the kids eat some cookies and drink some milk and cup noodles and let them had a good time at the pool and beach side.

my boys can't wait to dip into the pool is freezing cold.....bbbbrrrrpppppp...

They spent about an hour in the pool then we proceed to the beach and had some water sport. One thing about this hotel beach, we need to walk quite a distance to go to their private beach. *sigh*

all of them went for banana boat!!! My hub and younger brother in law and two maids and the kids all are on the boat!!!! Wow!

all ready to go.......

Fearles was crying!! Hub is naughty, he told the banana boat man to make them all drop into the water but nearer to the beach, at least not deep, all not prepare, Cruz was excited, but Fearles un-prepare, and once he fall he is cried. Ok, he is not as Fear-less as his name, heheheh..he took after me, scary cat. kekeekekkeke

after the banana boat ride, they went for this "air head" things. tsk tsk tsk

while waiting for his turn, he found this live shell and want to take a picture with it.

i do nothing, just taking pictures around...

We spent another hour at the beach, then time to check out the room and we went for a late lunch! This is our short holidays at the beach and stay tune on what food we had on that afternoon.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Publika Shopping Gallery @ Solaris Dutamas

My mum was in town end of last month, she stayed for about a week plus. When she is in town, usually we will bring her walk around, eat and shop.

We brought her to this newly open Publika Shopping Gallery one of the night, i saw quite a lot of my friend post picture of this place. I find it quite interesting, decide to pester hub to bring us there.

It is still new, not a lot shops open, only a few. First thing we decide to check out their food court.

Food Village @ Publika Shopping Gallery

spacious and not so crowd

Chatime lover, here no long queue!!

i love the concept.

very "chinese" feel

i love their wall picture

BKT, look like those old shop.

some of the famous food stall....

~ Kin Kin Pan Meen

~ Lorong Seratus Tahun

~ Sentul Ah Yap Hokkien Noodles

me and my mum

Look at the messy table, you can imagine how much food we order!!

my two cheeky boys.

my boys and their grandmother

After dinner, we walked around and check out the place and i want to go to their grocer, also another interesting place to visit.

recycle plastic bag, they use it to decorate this "robot"

recycle disc

recycle mineral bottle

I love the idea, reuse/recycle the items and do it in a arty way

B.I.G. - Ben's Independent Grocer

I just love this place, so much to see, and they got a lot things that don't have it in other grocer.

fresh lettuce, you just pluck it from there!

so neat and tidy and clean.

red wine section

hanging the wine bottles from above as deco, nice idea.


next to it, they got magazines section too!!

Beside than all the above, they got one cafe, selling nice coffee and also the Ben's General Food Store . I am sure I will go there again.