Thursday, December 08, 2011

Senjyu @ Bangsar Village II

Last night, we went to this Japanese restaurant to celebrate my hub's / the boy's daddy birthday. Since it is a weekday and last night my boys got music class too, we decide to go somewhere convenient to have dinner.

Suddenly this Senjyu Japanese restaurant come into my mind, it just open a month or two months ago, we have not been here before. Check with the birthday boy, he said alright. After sent the boys for music class, we walk and shop while waiting for them to finish their class.

Senjyu Japanese Restaurant

birthday boy order his all time favourite - Tempura Soba.
He comment, the noodles a bit soggy to his liking.

Wagyu Saikoro Steak, this is really good!! yum yum!! Two thumbs up.

Giant Ebi Tempura

Oh, this is really good, big prawns and crispy! I like so much. So far this is the best tempura that i had.

Tamago Sushi for the boys.

They had dinner at home earlier, otherwise they have to starve till 8pm! Each of them had 4 tamago to themselves.

Fruity Maki

Something interesting, top with strawberry and mango. The green slice is cucumber thin slice, roll it with some crispy fish ( i think) in the centre, crunchy and it is yummylicious!!

we order two California Hand Roll..

After the simple dinner, we had a small cake cutting session, with the two boys sing happy birthday song to their daddy.

Ice Cream birthday cake...

two boys and the old birthday boy all in black. :)

Simple celebration and a quiet dinner just four of us.
Happy Birthday again to my hub and the boy's daddy!!


Cynthia said...

Happy birthday to your hub.. nice food ya.. :D

Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. Love the look of the food and more of the cake. Yummy wahyu steak. I love that :)

yvonne said...

Happy birthday to the boys' daddy! Wow, only good comments for the food. Senjyu... will keep that in mind :D

The last photo, 3 men in black, is cool.

suituapui said...

Happy Birthday again, Cougar... Japanese food - not keen usually...but what you had looks sooooo good. Looks expensive too. My daughter would love those a lot - she loves Japanese.

reanaclaire said...

Happy Birthday to your Loe Koong! the food looks very grand.. i like the fruity maki .. love the thinly sliced cucumber with the crunchy fish..

Bananazஇ said...

Many Happy Returns to the birthday yummy Jap food.

Yee Ling said...

Happy Birthday to your hub. Not old la, he is still macho!!

Merryn said...

Love the last pic! eh, Bangsar Village got nice Xmas decor or not? Me on a Xmas hunting spree nih.. wanna go catch all the nice nice one.. not nice one i dun wanna see :P

BoeyJoey said...

Annie... Annie... you got me laughing really hard at "my hub's / the boy's daddy" :-DDD. Made it sounds like you got more than one hub... hee hee hee :-P

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to your hub/ boys' daddy :-D

BoeyJoey said...

Hahaha!!! Sumore you ended with "my hub and the boy's daddy!!" So cute la you :-P

Mummy Moon said...

Happy belated birthday to your hub. I find kids like to eat tamago sushi lor :) tamago sushi is my girl favorite too

Yoong said...

Hi Annie, lovely photo this of your 3 boys! Daddy looks like that young (must emphasise the word "young" mah, haha...make lah the man happy!) HK TVB star, Ron Ng (I think the surname is Ng). Cheers!

Health Freak Mommy said...

The last pic is very nice - pic of a stylo daddy in hat with 2 leng jais :)

Unknown said...

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