Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Creation - Part 49

Here i am sharing one of the easy & simple breakfast bento on weekday for the boys.

instant mini pancakes, apples and maple syrup in the small container.

new Lilo and Stich bento box from Japan, a gift from my sister in law to my boys. :)

Here wishing everyone a happy week ahead , and a happy weekend. I will be away for few days, going back to my home sweet home, town of kampua and kompia!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little boy's note

Last night when i prepare my boys to go to bed, i saw one of my boy, taking some note out from the shelf where he "hide" it. Out of curious, i ask him what is that, when i see the note i really had a good laugh!!!

I ask him why he wrote that, he told me, two of their best friend said want to come to our house and play, so he is giving them the house add, but don't ask me what is the other note all about. :(

Guess which of my boys will do such things? No prize for who guess it right. I bet you all know who is the cheeky one.

Look at the note, so funny! It's only got the house number, with no road name. And there is spelling error, instead of "AND" he wrote "END", when i told him this morning, he said he want to re-write another piece. I said we are late for school!

Another note, this is the little girl at school that he like. Always tell me about this little girl, i think the name should be Chelsea.

Well, the name on the note is not the person who wrote and "adore" the little girl, it is the other way round! * hair pulling*!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Seoul Garden Korean BBQ @ Kuchai Lama

Lately i have post a lot food pictures in my FB or some in blog here. You may said i am on food marathon, but those coupon deal are too tempting, just hard to resist not to buy.

We are planning a birthday celebration for one of my good friend, Vivian. It is our yearly affair to celebrate each other birthday together. We have ask her what she would like to have for her birthday, and finally we decide to have Korean food. I saw this good deal from, and this is the Korean restaurant that i would want to try quite sometime already. This is the good chance, immediately i get the coupons.

There we went on 30/7, it's a Saturday noon, we scared the big crowd and we are "kiasuness" we went as early as 11.30am!!!

Seoul Garden @ Kuchai Lama branch

i am getting 4 coupons @ RM30 each

see..i told you we are early!!

sauce and the vege to wrap the meat.

variety and refillable Banchan

BBQ chicken meat..

BBQ Pork, a bit too dry to my liking

Bibimbap, nice!!

Kimchi soup, i like.

Bibimbap after you mixed all up...nice to eat while it still hot.

seafood pancake

seafood glass noodles

Ginseng chicken soup, the coupon include this soup, the waiter put it in small bowls for us.

we order this miso soup for the kids, because they can't take spicy food

steam egg for the kids

birthday cake for the birthday girl

the three kids

we and the birthday girl, ex colleague cum good friends.

me and the boys

We had a good time eating and chatting, we are glad we are there early, when we finish our lunch at 2pm, the restaurant was full with crowd. We had a full tummy and total bill we paid was less than RM200!! Food that shown above all include in the coupons, except that miso soup and steam egg, tax and drinks. You said worth it? That is explain why i can't resist to get more coupon deals! LOL

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some simple things can make my boys happy

Sometime kids are easy to please, not neccessary buy them expensive toys or hi tech gadgets (but they still wish they can get those!!)

Weeks ago, i quietly stock up the fridge with their favourite yakult, vitagen, ice cream and some sweets (they get to eat, when they behave good as a rewards) . I didn't tell them, when they open the fridge and saw all the things, they said, oh, you buy them? Thank you mummy, and they run to me and give me a hug! *sweet*

I am quite lazy in doing my bento lately, all my tools are collecting dust. :( Daily i still prepare them bread or some pancake to bring to school, easy and quick. On some day, i will give them some surprise like below......

Pin a gummy gum on top of the bread, another simple and easy bread. When they open the box at school, i can imagine their expression. O..O When i am back home from work, they said, " mummy, i like the "surprise" bread! I want that again tomorrow"

My two happy kids. :)

two pocket bread with gummies pin on top. One with peanut butter jam, one with butter & sugar.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

My Boys's Masterpiece - Part V

I know i "abandon" this blog for a while again and again. *sigh*

Little update on my boys ~ They are having this art class at home for a year plus already, so far so good, they enjoy it and every week they are looking forward for the art day.

Recently, one of our maid complete her two years contract and went back for good, with one more left, she can't cope much with housework and taking care with all the kids. Now i have to train my boys to be more independent, some simple things they have to learn and take care themselve, maid only can just look see they are not run out from the house. Now, my boys learn how to shower themselves, althought sometime they still take their own sweet time chatting and play water in the shower room. Sometime they can be good, without me nagging them, they will shower themselve before i back home from work. When i am at home, i will monitor how they shower and do "spot check" on them and i train them on some little things like bring the plates and cups to the basin after their food, throw their dirty clothes into the basket, put back their own toys, list go on.....and i am getting more busy at home too, doing laundry cleaning and all. Not forgetting the daily school homework, nagging the kids to practise their piano (going to have their exam next month!!) This is the exciting life of a motherhood! I am not complaining but i just want to noted this down. :)

Ok, now back to my boys masterpiece.

from the picture you can tell who is who.....
Cruz, always want fast and no patience, the one with less bees is his one.
Fearles with more bees.

Blue clothes one is Fearles's art
Red clothes one is Cruz.

ok...this one i cannot guess...hahahhah

this one easier..just like them

Cruz skinny with No.5 on his shirt
Fearles bigger size with stripe tee.

skinny cat belongs to Cruz
fatter cat belongs to Fearles

Did you notice they name their cat too??

now let's guess....

Top one skinny crocodile is Cruz
Bottom fatter crocodile is Fearles.

their craft, i think they use play dough or clay?
A turtle and coconut tree with coconuts!!!

front view....

this is purse or can use as pencil case...very nice, i like.

back view...