Monday, September 26, 2011

JMC Final Exam

Time flies, my boys had attended Yamaha JMC ( Junior MUsic Course) for two years, yesterday they had their first exam to complete the course. Last Wednesday, also my last class to sit in together with them, from next level onwards, they will be in the class by their own, no more me to company them in the class. It is a relief for me, but i do miss the moment that i spent with them in the class, i am kind of having a mix feeling.

Yamaha HQ @ Kelana Jaya

We were at the Yamaha HQ at Kelana Jaya for the exam. It was in the afternoon, i don't know why, i think i am the one getting more nervous than the boys. When we are on the way i am too nervous till i got stomach ache! ahhahahahhaha..silly me!

Exam is one by one, i am allow to be in the room together with the music teacher and also one examiner. Exam room was scary, it is so quiet, and that time i can see some worry on my boys face. I cannot do any signal to them, have to leave it to their own.

Cruz doing first, then only Fearles. Both playing one same song and one different song. Fearles was doing good on one of the piece of song and his singing, comment given was his singing is loud and clear. Oh yes, we do get the immediate comment from the examiner after the boys "performance".

Well, now it is all over, this week they are going to have a small party to celebrate their graduation, and looking forward for the next level which is JXC ( Junior Extension Course), after the two years course, then they are going to have a real exam, if fail, means fail and they have to retake the exam.

Outside the exam room, waiting for their turn. :)

Well done boys, and after the exam , i brought them to Mcd to reward them. I told them if the result back, it's a big star, i am going to buy them Smurf toys which requested by them. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lion City - Singapore 2011 - Day 1

~ Another backdated post ~

During the long raya week and the short school holidays break and just few days after i back from Sibu Sarawak, we went to Singapore for a 3 days 2 nights short holidays. Believe it or not, i never step foot in this country before and this is my VERY FIRST trip in lion city. tsk tsk tsk.

It is a very last minute arrangement, sister in law arrange the trip while i am back in Sibu. She manage to grab the offer from Tiger Airways and this is also our first time taking Tiger Airways.

This trip was mainly "ladies + kids" trip, me, my younger sister in law and hub's sister and 4 active boys! My hub and his younger brother, they ride the bike to Hatyai instead of joining us.

We left on Sunday evening, it was about an hour flight, but the journey to airport and waiting and from airport to hotel, took us a lot of times. Flight depart at the "forever-busy" budget airport LCCT, lucky flight depart on time and check-in at the counter was a breeze, it was at another section and no long queue and less havoc.

Tiger Airways

travel light with two boys, and they help me with the hand trolly luggages.

Flight touch down on time, we reached Singapore budget airport at 5.40pm, after immigration, bus transfer to Changi Airport, then we took MRT to town center, after change at a few station we are end up at ION shopping Mall. :S

MRT from airport to City Center

look at the long route!

I mention earlier, this is my first trip, and my two sister in law only been there twice or thrice, so one of them is our "tour guide". Lucky we still manage to find our way to the hotel and didn't get lost . hahahhahah

We are staying in this hotel, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

this is our room, quite spacious, manage to accommodate 3 adults and 4 kids!! We add one extra bed, hub's sister was sleeping on the extra bed, me and my sister with kids sleep on the twin queen bed, it just nice to fit three of us in one bed.

I love this hotel, their service is good, hotel room nice and clean, staffs are polite and helpful. I don't mind to go back again to this hotel for my future visit.

After we checked in the hotel, put our luggage in the room, then we were out again to hunt for food. We were heading to Marina Bay.

there are one row of restaurant with very unique and nice design just next to the hotel. This trip was too rush, we got no time to check that out, we just passed by the place.

the four hyper active BOYS!

Preggie sister in law...

me and hub's sister, two sitting on the reserved seat. It was ok, because that time was not crowded. :D

Marina Bay

We are thinking to have some street food here, but look at the distance to walk over, we nearly faint. Everyone were so hungry, kids had some bread in the room before we came out. There is one new shopping mall in Marina Bay, we decide to just go to the food court to have our late dinner. After check with the information counter on which direction is the food court, and what time do they closed, because it was already 10pm! We walk and walk and walk, like forever never reach the end of the building to locate that food court! tsk tsk tsk

night view at Marina Bay, beautiful. But my camera did not capture the nice night view. Ok, it's my lousy photograph skill. :P

when we walk and walk to find the food court, we passed by one of the cafe, suddenly heard the loud water dropping down, we stand there and watch, interesting. I think they have certain time to have this .

Finally, we reached the food court, such a long walk! This food court is next to a skating rink.

i order roast duck rice for the boys to share

my plate of CKT, taste ok, i order "medium size " because i am super hungry and it cost me SG8 ..tsk tsk tsk..i know...don't convert don't convert, but can't help, i still do the calculation.

Hub's sister sizzling plate with rice. Look good.

Sister in law was having some noodles i think, too hungry and i didn't take picture of her food. :P

After our late dinner, and think of walking a long way out again, all of us surrender. We check with the information counter, which is the short cut to walk out from the building. She told us can walk up to the roof top then from there can walk to the main road.

It has a very nice view on the roof top, enjoy the scenery at Marina Bay, and we can see Singapore Flyer,and also oversee the Singapore river nice night view.

Singapore Flyer

the boys on the bridge...

view from the bridge, a very nice place to visit during night. I enjoy very much with the scenery.

We had a slow stroll on the bridge and took some pictures and went back to hotel and rest. It is almost 12am, kids were all worn out and we need a good rest, because we know the next day will be another long day.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Creation - Part 50

This is another quick and easy breakfast bento for my boys to bring to school. Got this idea from Pinterest, thinking it is easy and simple. Here is my version.

Sometime i won't tell my boys what i give them to bring to school, i like to give them "surprise". When you back home, and the boys will start to tell you, i love your surprise!!! The expression is priceless. Then they will tell you, i want the surprise again tomorrow. :D I will tell them, surprise not come everyday, if everyday, then that not surprise already.

Two pieces of bread, before spread the jam, i use ginger bread man mould, put on centre and mould out one "man" and put aside. Then spread the bread one set with PB, another one spread with butter and sugar, use the bread mould to seal the side and cut the side.

Sprinkle some hundreds and thousands on the bread. Tada, this is the outcome.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pin Xiang @ Aman Suria

I am honoured to be invited to Restaurant Pin Xiang @ Aman Suria and tried out their foods last weekend.

We were there together with Shireen & family and Barbara & family.

This 6 months old restaurant is co-owned by Alan Yun. You know him? A famous local celebrity and now he is venture into F&B business.

Restaurant Pin Xiang @ Aman Suria

pork knuckle on the menu...

Homemade Fu Chuk Yee Mai ( fresh beancurd sheet with barley and gingko)

In house special, very thick and it's a bit like soya bean texture to me, i like. It is a "must try" drink.

they have this too....

the three kids, Ashley and my two boys munching on the crackers.

look at the crowds!

Yam basket with sweet & sour pork.

Something different, usually this yam basket is with "kong pou chicken" but at Pin Xiang it is with sweet and sour pork, my boys love it so much, kids favorite.

Pin Xiang Fried Talapia.

This is their house special too, fried talapia with lots of fresh garlic! I am not a garlic person, but i love the fish. Dip the meat with the sauce, yummy. The sauce is a bit "hot" as they add some chili padi in it, to give the sauce extra kick.

This is interesting, Kailan with Yam.

I think you cannot find this in other restaurant. I don't eat yam, but i love the kailan. I think my mother in law will love this dish and those who like yam.

Mongolian Style Crispy Pork Knuckle

Another my boys favorite dish, especially Cruz, he is crazy over pork knuckle. Crispy skin and dip with the sauce, perfect match. It could be better if they don't over fried it, it's a bit dry to my liking and hard to bite.

this is Alan Yun's favorite and cook with his "special and secret sauce"

Taste creamy and i think got a bit salted egg in there. Nice, finger licking good.

Tasty soya sauce prawns...

Ying Yang Pranws means "two taste" prawns. Nice & fresh.

Champagne spare ribs and the red color balls at the back are the juicy and big watermelon!
The meat a bit dry and hard, but i love the taste.

Another interesting dish - Bitter gourd with pickled lettuce
This is my favorite, very good combination.

Assam Petai!

I cannot give comment on this, because i don't eat petai. :)
But by judging the food on the plate, it should be taste very good, because it almost clean plate!!

Pin Xiang signature taufu, very nice.

By the time this dish come, i almost finish my rice. It is nice to eat this taufu with rice, very tasty and they add "choi pou" with the mince meat to enhance the extra sweetness and saltiness . Yum yum.

We thought the taufu is the last dish, but there come another plate of crabs! In fact, Alan order two different way cooking of crabs for us, but we told him, we are too full and cannot stomach another plate of crabs.

sweet and sour crabs, yummylicious!

Last but not least, we got this homemade shanghai moon cake as dessert.

i am not a moon cake person, but i can't resist myself to have few serving of this. tsk tsk tsk

Alan Yun - the co-owner of Restaurant Pin Xiang.
If you're follow Shireen's blog, you will know that Alan also a close friend of Shireen. :)

here a picture with the chef and Alan and his partner.
Three mummies - Barbara, Shireen and Me.

now a picture with all the kids for the night .

Everyone of us, enjoy the dinner very much and we have a wonderful night. Will i go back again, yes, definitely, there are too many food i want to try on the menu! In case you're wondering, they are open for lunch too, lunch they will serve chicken rice and wantan noodles, heard the char siew and roast pork is the hot items not to be missed.

Here is the add:

Restaurant Pin Xiang
Seafood.Chicken Rice & Noodle House
H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45
Aman Suria, Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya

Why would I ever want to take courses with online cooking schools when eating out is so much fun? Besides, you'd never find this fare at Culinary Schools in Ohio!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Sibu Trip 2011 - Food P0rn!!

*warning* - read for your own risk!!

I am back from the long blog break!! Not that i just came back from Sibu, but i am back two weeks ago, yes, this is another backdated post. *sigh*

After i back from Sibu trip, few days later we went for another short holidays nearby, which is a place that was my first time step foot on the country, but that will be in another post, stay tune for that.

My recent Sibu trip, it was an un-planned trip. My grandpa was unwell beginning of the month, i decide to go back to paid him a visit, since this year with the hectic schedule i have not go back. I brought my two boys went back together with me, yes, they skip their school for 4 days, and i brought back all their homeworks back too. :(

This trip we went back by taking Firefly, this is my first experience with this budget airline, good that it depart at KLIA instead of LCCT, the forever busy, noisy, havoc airport! Food was i pre-order online, i am not sure how it go, but when i book online, it don't allow me to pass if i don't click the inflight meal. I did see some passenger on flight, they don't pre-book their meal, i wonder how to skip that. They do have in flight meal too, but you have to paid, just like another budget airline. Things are expensive. One thing about the food with firefly, they might need to improve a bit.

Firefly Airline, Nasi Lemak, Fish noodles, nasi briyani with ayam rendang.

Fearles said the noodles is good, i didn't try, he finish half of it. Nasi lemak is too spicy to my liking. We are taking the early flight, Cruz was sleeping all the way to Sibu, so i have to finish the food, but i just took few spoons of both. Nasi bryani too dry and not much taste. :(

Upon arrival, first thing i told my mum, let's go for breakfast first before go home, i miss my kampua noodles, this is in my top list "a must have food" every time when i am back home.

When i just reached home, i receive an sms from Arthur, asking me am i already back in town, i told him i just back, he said he is on the way to my mum house and look what he bring for me??

delicious and freshly baked from oven chicken pies and "lay piang"!! In case you want to know what "lay piang" is, read this post from Arthur, you will get the idea. This is a 'cake" or "biscuit" that i have not eat for many many years. How sweet Arthur is ya?

Back in Sibu, nothing much to see, every day beside food it still about food. LOL. That said how much i eat and eat the food i missed and can't get in KL.

We had a late lunch on my first day arrival. We went to Y2K Sibu to have lunch, food was good but a bit pricey to Sibu standard.

Midin, i love this vegetable very much. I like it to cook with foo chow red wine.

sea cucumber soup...nice

sweet and sour boneless ribs, yummy.

It taste different from the sweet and sour meat here in KL.

cangkuk manis fried with egg.

Sarawak cangkuk manis is different from here, it taste more crunchy and sweet. This is a common dish in most restaurant, and also a must try dish if you happen to visit Sibu or Sarawak.

salad prawns, my nephew favorite.

Fearles love midin too, he got my taste bud. kekekkekekek

Next day, we met up with Arthur for breakfast nearby my mum's house. I want to try the coffee at this coffee shop where Arthur said it's the best in town, i have to agree with him.

~ my thick coffee, yes it is very good!
~ my boys has roti canai.
~ Arthur's pork porridge, my mum said this porridge had been there for many years, so far is the best.
~ my CKT in Sibu style, with an egg on top.

my boys and Arthur, Sibu famous food blogger and he is the Sibu godfather. Every of his guests who visit him, he give a good and warm welcome and he will feed you well too!

After breakfast, we make a trip to Sibu Central Market, i know my boys miss their 'friend" - the live chicken!!! LOL

If anyone of you visiting Sibu, this is a place not to miss. :) A lot interesting things to see.

Sibu Central Market- click the picture for large view.

On the same night, we met up with Arthur and his missus again for dinner at one of the restaurant in town.

roast duck, taufu soup (Sibu specialty), as you can see my two favorite vegetable in the picture again, never get bored with it.

we have their house special fried kampua and chicken rice and sweet and sour meat.

A simple dinner, i do hope Arthur and his missus enjoy the dinner, although the food is super simple, they might have it everyday, but to me it is the food i missed. :D

My 6 days 5 nights back home, like i said i just eat non stop, there are no hunger moment. kekekekkekke

Now let me show you some more food, don't hate me. :) Sharing is caring.

Sibu's confectionery

Sibu local dessert
~ jia lok
~ sotong, kankung and taufu
~ jia lok
~ five taste soup

Tada...this is my kampua collection. Yes, a lot of you may said this look like wantan noodles, it is far away taste like wantan noodles. Actually, kampua it's original plain white in color, but i like my version - with soya sauce and chili sauce, that is why all my kampua is dark in color.

~ pian sip, here we call it wantan, but the wantan skin in Sibu is more thin and soft, very different, i like.

~ pork liver soup with foo chow red wine, this one you can order it at most coffee shop that sell kampua, nice to have this soup with kampua, yum yum.

~ Dabai aka Sibu Olive, yum!

~ Glass noodles /tang hung soup with fish balls.

look at the plate of "pian sip" it's actually for myself. My boys had a try, they love it and finish the whole plate!

we had dinner together with my brother and family...

~ roast pork
~ Pork Satay
~ Sibu style pan meen
~ stalls that sell roast pork satay
~ cangkuk manis
~ sweet and sour pork ( this dish mainly for the kids)
~ Chao chai soup ( this is my favorite)!!
~ Sibu mee suah with foo chow red wine
~ Very nice roti tissue
~ taufu
~ juice kedondong
~ yau mak (vegetable)

Sibu Specialty - Kompia

chinese style bahulu, nice and yummy!

fresh from the oven!

another Sibu Specialty - Ding Bian Hu

how they do it, they will pour a thin layer batter / flour on the wok, move the wok left right and get the batter cook, then "slice" them down piece by piece, then add on soup. This is how they cook, something interesting and worth to try. This place i went, the taste so so only, don't have the "old" taste which i use to eat.

my mum with the grandsons...

my boys and their great grandfather, the 4th generation.

my boys and their cousin brother.

they got chance to experience plucking longan from the tree. It's at my aunt house.

me and my mum.

A day before i leave Sibu, Arthur sms me and told me he got something for me again. You see what he get for me? He knew that i got no time to eat all the food, he bought this Sibu delicacy, tee piang for us! tsk tsk tsk.

this one is with meat filling. I prefer the plain one, and i like to dip it with chili sauce and eat.

On my return flight, i told them to just ignore my pre-book meal, i just get the noodles for Fearles, and Cruz want hotdog, but they are running out of hotdog, end up i bought a cup noodles for him @ RM7. :S

Last but not least, Arthur get me this Sibu tradition moon cake!! Thank you so so much for all the food, Arthur!

It just a short trip, hope next round i can go back for a longer time.