Tuesday, November 29, 2011

School Holidays

School holidays already started a week ago, (time passed that fast!!) so far i have got nothing plan for the boys. :( The first week i let them relax and enjoy, but on off they still need to practice their piano and do some homework given by me, I bought some exercise book for them, need them to practice, otherwise they will forget everything when school start next year and also i try to get them to read a story book every night.

On the first week, i brought them to Children's Technology Workshop, i got a quite good deal from online, let them to have some fun. I thought i can use the voucher twice, since i bought two vouchers for each boy, but, the lady at the center told me, each kid only can redeem the voucher ONCE! Out of no choice, i have to sell off another two extra vouchers. The boys was quite disappoint.

Children's Technology Workshop at Bangsar Village II

get the necessary lego from the box.

Actually i want them to try Apprentice Engineer and next round Engineer, but since Apprentice Engineer a bit "too easy" for them, so the "teacher" give them try another one ,Engineer.

what else i need?? Hmmmmm....

Ok, we still short of this and that.....

getting all ready.....

While they enjoy the class, mummy got some "time off", i went for my coffee. By the time i went back to the center after 1 hour, they show me their final "result"

Cruz and his "product"

a closer look

Fearles and his final "result"

a closer look

They told me, it is interesting, they want to go again. Maybe the next round i want them to try to do the 2D animation, the one will be quite interesting i think. The class come no cheap, it is RM60 @ per kid @ per class.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have to said this again, time flies!! Tomorrow will be my boys last day at the kindy. Think back, they had been in this kindy for 3.5 years.

From a naughty boys to now, a more mature boys. They definitely learn a lot from here and also they are more discipline. They remember what teacher told them, teacher told them, don't watch too much cartoon, especially Tom and Jerry, choose those show that are more educational. They keep that in mind, it had been 1/2 year they didn't watch Tom and Jerry show, if they accidently turn in, they will quickly switch to another channel and they will keep remind each other, teacher said cannot watch Tom and Jerry. LOL

Back to the topic, last week, they had their Thanks Giving and Graduation Day. Those 6 years old which will going to graduate, they had a few performance, dance & singing. I took a few videos of it, but it took a long time to load it here, i will just post the pictures up.

Graduation day

The stage. Can you spot the Noah's Ark at the side? :)

all the kids from the kindy sing few songs.

Others most are videos, not much pictures taken. :D

After the graduation ceremony, it is pictures taking session.

me and the boys.

Daddy was working, he missed the boys graduation, so i ask a favor from the teacher to let me borrow back the robe in order to have a family picture. Glad i able to do so, and here another few more for the album.

the boys..

and a proper one for the album . :)

Ok, don't ask me why daddy look so serious, he said he is born like that. :S

Graduation cert.

I also prepare something small for the kids at the kindy, i thought of giving it to them on the last day of school which is tomorrow, but i am worried it will be quite rush, that explain i pass it to the kids at school today, but the teacher only told me, they will have a mini early Christmas celebration tomorrow, so the teacher will only distribute it to the kids tomorrow.

something really simple, a small box of cereal and with some little decoration.

it look simple but it also took up a lot of my time to prepare this!! :S

I also prepare something for the teachers, as a appreciation tokens.

a small wristlet bag in a brown paper which nicely done by Barb. Since she got a lot idea, i ask for her help. :) Thanks so much Barb!

Plus some puff and cookies from Mark and Spencer also nicely wrap by Barb.

I put it all in a paper and with a note tag from the boys.

This is for the class teacher, of course there are something extra. *wink wink*

little hand written note by Fearles to the teachers.

A little note from Cruz to the teachers.

Boys, they are just growing too fast! Awwwwwwww !

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Cooking - Ayam Goreng Rempah

I cooked this dish on Deepavali holiday. This is my very first experience in cooking Malay Cuisine. What make me think of cooking this dish, because, lately i got addicted with this ayam goreng rempah, there is a stall at our office building food court selling very nice nasi kukus with ayam goreng rempah, my colleagues saw me almost having it twice every week, she asked me how come you don't want to learn how to cook this dish, very easy.

She gave me her recipe, and i read through and of course i had asked tons of question on what is what, hahahah, got quite confuse and don't know what the ingredient is and some of the herbs.

This is the ingredients you need ~

Onion - 6 nos (you can add more if you like more onion)

daun limau / kaffir lime leave - 2 pcs

bawang putih / garlic - 4 cloves (mine look a lot, because the recipe i get was 4 biji, i thought biji as in 4 bulbs!!!! That explain my rempah a bit bitter because of too much garlic, malay cuisine not like chinese, need a lot garlic.)

candlenut / buah keras - 6 nos

Coriander seed / ketumbar - 1 big spoon

Tamarind juice / air assam - 1 spoon of tamarind paste and mix with water.

blended all the ingredient above together and this is what you will get.

Galangal / Lengkuas - the main ingredient! If you like to get more rempah, you can put more.

This is the ready one, so i don't need to blend myself.

put in some oil and cooked the ingredients first till it fragrant

then add in chicken and cooked and slowly add in 500cc water and salt, keep stir and cook till the water dried.

this is what you get...

You can leave it aside first, when you about to have dinner, fried the chicken together with the rempah. Serve it hot and really nice to go with a bowl of rice.

this is the final result.

Rempah. I keep it in a container, it go nice with the rice, yummmm!!

You can sprinkle the rempah on top of the chicken too.

First time trying and not bad, i get the taste correct except some part of the rempah a bit bitter, as i mistaken on the garlic nos. *note to myself*

It sure taste as good as it look! :D

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My boys's masterpiece

This is another update on my boy's masterpiece.



their craft - coin box



moon cake festival , did you notice there is one angry bird lantern too? hahahha

angry bird !!

ants, hibicus flower and worms..


Here i do a little advertisement for the boys's art teacher. She is opening her art centre, those who are interested, can check the phone number and add as below.

Good that, she still come to our house to teach the boys art, but there will be more extra class at the centre, like drama and speech ,holiday programe and there are some classes for the adults too. If you're interested or want to know more detail, can give her a call. :)

Hobby Hop In


phone number and add of the centre.