Friday, January 06, 2012

1st day at Big School

I am back and this is my first post in Year 2012, hope not too late to wish everyone and my readers a Very Happy New Year!!

Thank you for those who drop by here often to check on me and visit my blog, bear with me despite i hardly update my blog .

Things has change starting the new year, everything will not be the same anymore, my "honeymoon" moment already over.
This year, my boys started going to the "big school" ie: Standard one . The havoc start two weeks before the school started, they went for orientation, it suppose to be to get to know the school better but when we reached the school, we only know that the boys had to sit for exam and only decide whether they will be in the same class or not. On the first and second trip to school, both of them are in different classroom, poor me have to run in between two classes to get things done.

Three days ago ( 04.01.2012), it is the first day of school, they are excited and they have to wake up as early as 6am now. First day, they are still ok, but the following two days, i have to drag them out from the bed, same goes to me, i also have to adjust my body time zone, need to drag myself out from the comfy bed, it had been so long i never wake up so early *yawn*.

Look at Cruz sleepy and moody face, but Fearles was excited, he can't wait to go to school.

After the first two times, on the day to school, i checked the new name list, finally found my two boys are on the same class. Praise the lord. I did make special request, to tell the teacher, try to put them in same class, it will be easier for me to coach them homework and also the time at school.

We are a bit late on the first day, due to the bad traffic, go to the classroom, most seat taken, so two of them sit at the back corner.

but just after a short while, they already make some friends! I can see them chatting happily daily . :(

the classroom, quite empty, we parent will go and "deco" the class tomorrow.

now i very worry on this corner of the five boys, they seems to have a lot fun time there!!

So far, i am quite happy with this school and my boys's class teacher is a friendly, humble, patient and motherly look lady, we parent are happy to have her as our kids class teacher. I am quite surprise that, in the school, they do have a parent class rep, i am not sure about other class, but my boys's one, they do have. With this parent class rep, she will have a monthly meeting with the teacher on the class things and also the kids progress or any update or changes, at least we all not being left out. I think with parent and teacher work hand in hand, it will get things done better.

The school also encourage us as parent, try to involve more in school activity. Like tomorrow, we will go to the class to clean up our kids classroom and put up some deco like educational card or poster or note or pictures to make the class look more interesting and a fun place to study. I am glad that, most parent from my boys's class are sporting, almost everyone participate, give in their suggestion or idea, how to make the class interesting and a better place for our kids. I am looking forward to it, it is something new to me now.

Well, me and the boys survive for the first week, hope next week will be a better week for me and the boys and hope we will adapt with the new routine well soon.


Bananazą®‡ said...

Oh dear no more longer sleep till late morning. Will take a while when the system in the body sync with the timing. Great they are in the same class.

Mummy Moon said...

Hope the two boys can adjust well in the new school life. Btw, they are study in a Chinese school?

suituapui said...

You must be relieved that their teacher isn't big and fierce-looking like me. LOL!!! Enjoy it while it lasts... Very soon it will be all over and time for you to let go and say bye-bye to them..... These will be the best years of your lives.

Small Kucing said...

good la they are not shy. Mine also. Thank God no crying on 1st day.

reanaclaire said...

wow... parents rep! some more can help to deco the class too! nowadays parents really need to get involved hor.. i bet u will be able to do something nice for the class! :)

Shereen said...

Parents involvement in school/class is unheard of few years back.Infact, they ( school )so scared parents kepoh at school that they actually do not let parents in the school during schooling time.It is like they have something to hide like that.Glad that your sons' school is more parents friendly.What is the nameof this school?

Pete said...

Welcome back!

he he, fun first day at school!

chinnee said...

this school your boys are attending is a very new school, isn't it? Everything looks so nice and even their system is so modern!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh Cruz's face really made me laugh. Guess he's not a morning person :)

Yee Ling said...

Sounds fun as parents get to involve in the activity.

Annie Q said...

Bananaz: Ya ya, no more wake up late. :( I think now a bit better, slowly body system will adapt good with the new timing.

Mummy Moon: No, they are in kebangsaan/national school, i scare the stress. :S

Arthur: hahahha, you fierce look meh? If you fierce, you won't have so many students still keep in touch with you lo. Ahhh!! Please don't remind me that, i know time sure fly fast. :(

small kucing: Joshua in kindy already? I know Joshua sure won't cry on first day, he is quite independent and had meet a lot friends. Well done.

Claire: yes, this school need parents really hands on on a lot of things, which i think is good. At least get the parent to participate all the activity, and do the best for our kids. Me ar, not creative, and i really salute some mummies can come out with a lot very nice art and idea.

Shereen: Actually we are not allow in school too, after three weeks, i mean for standard one kids. Just that some of the things in school, they still want parent to involve, like the classroom. They want the parent come out with the idea how to make the classroom look nicer and maybe can come out with a theme, try to do the best for our kids and to make it a fun place to study. Will message you on the school that my boys goes.

Pete: Thanks! I think you already go through all these. :)

chinnee: not really a very new school, had been there quite long already. Just that, they keep the standard there, everything look nice, because the previous years parent do the deco in the class, you should see after they took away all the things, it suddenly become so emtpy. I will do another post on the before and after, which all the parent participate on the "gotong royong". The projector in the class, i think is something new that they just install. This is what i had been told.

Mommy to Chumsy: hahahhahah..too early morning, and i still want them to pose and take picture, he is not happy!! *blek*

Annie Q said...

Yee Ling: Oh yes, it sure fun and it's a new experience for me too. Shall wait for the post on the before and after. :)

prince n princess mum said...

Happy schooling for the boys!~

coffeesncookies said...

After 2 weeks,, now all a-ok ? Compare Cruz face in the pic and those taken at back lane of Han Lim.. I rolled over laughing.. He's sooooo NOT-A-MORNING-PERSON !! lololol

Anonymous said...

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Appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance.

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