Thursday, March 01, 2012

Han Lim Seafood @ Taman Midah Cheras

I don't want to said this is my another birthday post! LOL That is like how many moons ago. :S

Well, one week before chinese new year, this sweet mummy said want to buy me and Barb a belated and early birthday dinner. Then she is mention about this place, Han Lim Seafood at Cheras. I had heard about this place, serve nice and cheap seafood, but hasn't got chance to try.

There we went...

Han Lim Seafood hiding at one corner, but it seems a lot people know about this place.

We went there around 6.45pm, it's already full of people!

this cake come in surprise. As it is homemade and baked by Elaine!! When i told her i want to get a cake for Barb, she told me, the place not so nice to have a cake, the place very run down, don't have a proper table, bla bla bla and give me tons of execuse not want me to get a cake.

End up she told me she will get the cake nearby there,since she will be early, i told her ok, so here is the surprise and now i know why!

Very yummylicious cheese cake with a little bit lemon taste. I like!! Don't you think the cake look so pretty and nice?

so this is the two birthday "girls". :)

We had the cake before it melt then only had our dinner...

lala with mee hoon...nice!


simple and yummy prawns.

sweet and sour meat, this one so so only.

this is all of us sat at the back lane having our dinner!

here come my favourite - steam crabs, nice!!


steam fish..

the kids after their dinner, they play around, while we adults continue enjoy the food.

Ashley and my boys.

and the three of us...

from the pictures above you can't see well where we sit? Look like a nice place? Look at the picture you will know what i said on the back lane.

took this picture where we sit, this is what i called the back lane.

It is really nice, we had a great time catching up and enjoy the dinner just before chinese new year, before everyone go back to celebrate chinese new year at their hometown.

and my birthday pressie....Sephora, very nice and unique casing, like a small handbag.

once you open, this is how it look, come with eye shadow, lips colours and blusher. All in one, very handy.

girl's things, earring, bracelet, necklace's never too old to wear these. :D:D


suituapui said...

All the way to Cheras... I think the place where you took me at SS2 - the food looks better and probably tasted better too. But friends' treat, ok lah! The best things in life are free...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

*pengsan* the next birthday is not too far only you post this up...hahhahaahahhaahhaahhahaa

chinnee said...

Elaine can bake and decorate the cake so well. It must be very delicious too!

prince n princess mum said...

The food is yummy!~~~~~

Yee Ling said...

It's nice once in a while to have a gathering with good friends,hor..The never ending girls' talks..ahhahah

Sasha Tan said...

eh the back lane.. at first i tot its behind yr house. hahahah
anyway so nice of her to bake a nice cake for u all and the pressies are so lovely

Elina said...

Happy Belated Birthday Annie

Jobless Girl said...

If you are steam crab lover I will recommend you to try the pontan steam crab at Pangkor Seafood Restaurant located at Taman Mayang.

mNhL said...

happy belated b'day to u. All the nice presents. My fav is crab too. Wah....making me drooling looking at the crab pic. haha

coffeesncookies said...

wuah.. i tercari this post in this cob-webbed blog.. but no worries..mine worst... kabus already..cannot see anything.
Han Lim is nice for seafood but not porky dishes. Can you again for mega prawns ya ?

Unknown said...

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