Friday, March 09, 2012

Healthy Snacks to Give Your Kids After School

Just like adults who need a snack during the middle of the workday, kids also need a snack after a long day of school. While it is easy and cheap to simply eat a chocolate bar or bag of potato chips as a snack, that is not the best option to offer to young children.

Teach nutrition to them while they are young to eat healthy and it will grow on them as they get older and eventually make their own food selection choices. There are a variety of healthy snacks to choose from that don't take much time to prepare.

Consider the following healthy snack options the next time your child is back from school:

  • Cheese – Cheese is a food that adds to the daily nutritional requirements for diary, which helps with bone growth. Make the snack interesting for children with different cookie cutter patterns. You can have cheese in different shapes like stars, hearts and triangles.

  • Fruits – There so many fruits to choose from for a snack. Dice up fruits that aren't already bite size and present a bowl of it to your child. You can also make a fruit skewer. Include fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, and orange. This snack will give children a load of different vitamins and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time.

  • Yogurt – Get your icicle pop molds out to make yogurt popsicle sticks. Yogurt comes in so many flavors. Select a flavor your child likes, pour it into the icicle pop mold and pop it in the freezer to chill. It makes a great snack – especially during hot weather.

  • Eggs – It helps fulfill much of the daily protein requirements. Prepared eggs scrambled and stuff it into a whole wheat pita or roll it up in a tortilla.
Make healthy snak choices to help children grow and achieve their daily nutritional requirements.


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prince n princess mum said...

Thanks for the advice, will give my kids those healthy snacks, too!`

suituapui said... sad to see them eating a piece of kuih instead of dinner in between their tuition classes. Where got proper nutrients like that?

Jobless Girl said...

Love this ideas... Healthy snack. Most of the kids are overweight and they need healthy snack.