Monday, April 23, 2012

"I am so sorry" the magic word

Lately this word " I am so sorry" come out from my boys mouth very often, especially this year, when they are in their standard one.

When first time, Cruz called me while i am at work, first thing he said was "i am so sorry, mummy". I am a bit shock and worry, i thought what is happen. When i asked him, what had happen, he told me, he misplace his water bottle in school and cannot find it. He scare i will scold him and before i found out, he quickly call and said "sorry". As he always see me, lecture Fearles on his absent mind always left things behind at school.

I am quite srict with them, i make sure they bring back their lunch box, water bottle, textbooks, and all their belonging  home. I can said, daily, they lost their eraser, sharpener, pencils and what ever and sometime they even forgot to bring back their pencil case or text book and leave it at school, i will give them a good lecture! Did i mention, there was once, Cruz left his school bag at the school gate and forgot to bring it back? Lucky the transporter was kind enough, and manage to get someone locate the school bag and bring it for her.

Well, last week, Cruz did it again. He called and said, " I am so sorry, mummy", this time i am cool and asked " so what you lost this time?" He paused and said, my lunch box "fly away" from the window!! I said how can this happen, he told me he want to finish his bread and don't know why suddenly the box FLY and only left the cover and a small container didn't fly . *slap forehead*

This is my boys, daily drama and daily heart attack moment.


mNhL said...

LOL !!! Fly away ! This is the best part of being a mummy ~ enjoy them now, else they grow up too fast !

suituapui said...

You must be so very fierce they are so scared. Better say sorry first - after saying sorry, mummy cannot punish anymore... So clever, your boys. LOL!!!

mom2ashleyaidan said...

oh dear! LOL!
I am also very particular about the kids' bringing back their stuff from school :)

reanaclaire said...

Maybe Peter Pan took his lunch box? It flew away.. lol.. very imaginative..

My Shabu Shabu said...

This is so hilarious. This is the reason for Lost & Found, but usually it's Lost and never Found. My son lost his lunchbox first day of school in Grade 1. What else they're gonna lose down the road. You are so funny, keep writing.

Anonymous said...

haha your boys are so cute.... well at least they fear u! LOL!

Annie Q said...

mNhL: Ya, fly away, what worried me is, it might hit the car at the back!

Arthur: Oh yes, i am the tigeress mum at home, but i have a crazy moment with them too, when come to no "serious" time. That's why they love me and scare me. :)

mom2ashleyaidan: Yup, i want them to know this is also part their responsible to take care of their belongings.

reanaclaire: It was a transformer lunch box. I told someone about Cruz lost the box, and someone said, that must be a fake transformer lunch box, otherwise it will already fly back to your home!! That mummy even more imgainative! hahahha

My Shabu Shabu: hehehe..this is what i will do every time when i walk in the school, look at the lost and found counter, see got something belongs to my boys or not, but always there was none. But on the bright side, i got a reason to buy more lunch box. ahhahahha

Anon: Oh yes, when come to "serious" time, they afraid of me.

mommy to chumsy said...

hahahhaha..i still cannot stop laughing when i think of the fly away snack box.