Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My First Time

Another 4 more days, i will be going for the company trip and also this will be my very first time leave my boys behind for three days since they born till today. I remember last year i suppose to join company trip, but for some reason i didn't make it, and i remember i blog about it .

Two weeks ago, i just casually told the boys that, i will be away for a company trip for three days, i didn't tell them it is a "holidays" for me. At first they seems ok, ask me where i go, who i go with, how i go. After some talk, Cruz was quiet out of sudden, and he ask me again, where did i go, how long, which date and the more he asked, i can see tears in his eyes, but i "pretend" i didn't see it. When he see me no reaction, he asked, did you see got tears in my eyes? Then he start sobbing , then with crying, and he cannot control and he just cry so bad. OMG! I told myself i shouldn't have tell them if i know Cruz will cry so bad. I manage to calm him down with nice word and tell him, three days will pass very fast, and daddy will take over the task to sent them for swimming class and all. And on the forth day morning, once he open his eyes from his sleep, he will see me at home already. To make him feel a lot more better and happy, i brought them to Mcd. From that day onwards they start count down when i am leaving and this cheeky Cruz can tell me or to make me feel bad, he said , on the morning you leave, i open my eyes and i cannot see you, i will cry cry cry till night!! *sigh*

Last two days, Cruz mention to me again, you're leaving this Saturday? I told him yes, and he said, ok, i am a big boy already, i won't cry again, *I hope*. On the other hand, Fearles, always the cool one or he is the type that he hardly express his feeling.

Well, this will be my first travel without the boys and my boys first without me around for three days. We will see how it goes....


Kristie said...

awww your boys are so sweet :-)

At least one is able to express his emotions to u, it's touching ya.

Ya time flies, just bring them more goodies when u are back! :-)

suituapui said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! That Cruz so cunning, pandai2 send you on a guilt trip.

Buy lots and lots of things for them so that the next time you want to go somewhere, they will ask you to go longer = more presents!!! Been there, done that!

Yee Ling said...

awww.....hugs Cruz!!

Have a nice holiday in the land of chapati..heehehhe

mNhL said...

awwww.....such sweet kids. So berat hati to leave them ya. Luckily it is only 3 days. Time will pass very fast.

Btw, I have an award for you. Come and grab at my blog :D

Annie Q said...

Kristie: Hope i can find something nice for them!

Arthur: Ya, he is always the one that make me feel so bad. :(
Like what i said to Kristie, hope i can find something nice there, since this is my first time to India, i don't know what got there.

Yee Ling: hahahhaha..thanks!! Eh, you're going to Sibu again right? Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the foods!!

mNhL: First time, very berat hati, hope me and the kids are ok, not end up crying. hahahaha. Yes, lucky only 3 days, and it will be a new experience for us too, for the first time apart.
Thanks for the award, will grab it soon and thanks for thinking of me. :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

sobs...they will miss you lots! good that daddy is taking over for a few days. i'm going to miss you too....uwawawawwawawawawa

*eat more chapati and enjoy yourself*

Family First said...

If I go on business trip, I feel very very sad too, leaving him with his daddy and grandma. BUT THE RASCAL does not miss me at all! All he needs is his grandma and as long as his grandma is there, all is well. Me sad, not he sad ah.

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