Thursday, May 10, 2012

Careers that Can Be Great for Moms

Moms necessarily have a full-time job. It’s called being a mom. For whatever reason, however, moms do not receive a salary for being a mom – excluding tax breaks and/or alimony payments. Life is expensive for anyone. Life is even more expensive for a mom, who is responsible for children. As such, many moms are interested in reentering the workplace. But, experience as a "mom" is not necessarily in high demand in today's job market. All is not lost. There are careers that take minimal amounts of training, and there are easy financing options for that training. The following are just a few of the potential careers for moms:

  • Forensic ScienceForensic science is a career that is most popularly exhibited on various crime-scene dramas. Although the depiction of what a forensic scientist actually does is not necessarily reflected on the screen, it is still an exciting and meaningful career option for anyone--including moms. Forensic scientists typically have a strong backing in science which usually means a four year undergraduate degree. Although the degree is a more extensive one than the degrees for other career options, other careers are nowhere near as exciting. As a forensic scientist, you are a key cog in the criminal justice system and/or academia. 

  • Paralegal CertificationParalegals assist attorneys in those attorneys' legal practice. Becoming a paralegal does not take the extensive training of a lawyer, but for those who have an aspiration to become a lawyer tucked away somewhere in the back of their mind, there is really no better access point to the profession than to become a paralegal first. Becoming a paralegal requires at least a two-year associates degree, but colleges also offer four-year degrees. When hiring paralegals, however, the main part is whether the attorney thinks you can do the job. Effective writing and oral communication skills are critical. If you want to be a lawyer later, consider doing the four-year degree, because a law degree is a graduate level degree that requires a bachelor degree first. For more information on how to become a paralegal, including what a paralegal does on a daily basis, go to

  • Human Resource ManagerThis is a job where the "mom" skill-set is certainly applicable. Human resource managers basically make sure that the employees for their company are taken care of. In other words, it’s a little bit like making sure your kids bring their gym bags to school for practice, among other things. Obviously, the stakes are a bit higher when you are looking out for other's needs on a corporate level, but still, you get the point. To be a human resource manager, it is not always necessary to have a college degree at all; however, because professionals have a college degree, you will be at a great disadvantage without one. Most colleges offer degrees in human resource management, as well as graduate level work in the area. 

For more information on and ideas for good careers for moms, check out The Stir.


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Wanted my daughter to take up HRM but she looked at the course outline - saw accounting, first on the list...and the answer was a definite no. She hates the subject even though she got A1 for it in Form 5.

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