Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Friday Night

~ Another backdated post ~

Last month, 20/04/2012 to be exact, there was a fun friday in my boys's school. Two weeks before the event, my boys already start count down to the date, they are so excited about it.

Once i reached home from work, i saw two of them already get themselve ready, shower and change and had light dinner. We leave the house around 6pm, lucky we are early!

The banner at the school

a big screen on the field, for the movie night.

We are early, and still not much people....

Game corner...we are early, so we don't need to queue!

The boys try out some game

Bowling! Use coconut as bowling ball and hit at the mineral water bottles!

Crash the cans!

daddy join them for the game

Cruz in action!

try to kick the balls into the hole.

after some game, they are queueing for this...the scary scary house!! Long queue and long waited! Like i said earlier, lucky we are early, later of the night, the queue was scary!!


this is the scary scary house

while the boys are queueing for the scary house, me and hub went for some food - nasi lemak!

Curry noodles or some noodles. The stalls are taking care by the teachers or some volunteers parent, the fund that they collect will go to the school fund.

some local pastries

kids are having fun at the field, and there are some dancing performance by the kids , before the movie night start.

all the parents...

hub's curry noodles..

my packet nasi lemak..yummy

there is an ice cream van too!! Nice ice cream and it come no cheap, RM4 per cup.

weather was not so good, later at night, it start drizzling...but everyone still enjoy, no one leave, some even hold umbrella and sit on the field and watch Puss in boots.

getting crowded...

We all had a fun night, we manage to finish watching one movie, it was a bit too late and next day my boys had extra class to attend need to wake up early, so we didn't stay back for the second show, Thor. My boys certainly enjoy themselves very very much that night!


Small Kucing said...

so much fun :)

mommy to chumsy said...

that is so much fun!!! how come daddy looked kinda fierce like that..hahahhahaa

Yee Ling said...

Ohh reminded me back the olden days in school. We used to have all these fun activities.