Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teacher's Day Gift

~backdated post~

This is my boys first year in their "big school"/primary school, i don't know when the school or is the school celebrate teacher's day. I only get to read about teacher's day celebration at school on the actual day ie: 16/05/2012 from the school portal. That time i was busy preparing their 7th birthday party at home, and i got no time to do last minute shopping or buy present for the teacher.

After their birthday celebration, it was their mid term exam week, (that explain how exciting and busy the new level of my life, i should be grateful and not complaining, right?) I busy with doing revision with them and at the same time i find some time to sort out some gift for the teachers. I decide to let the boys give the belated pressie to the teacher on the last day of school, just before the school holidays start.

This is some simple gift that i prepare for the teachers..

i saw these cute drinking glass or is it no? I bought three for the teachers and this is the only three left at the shop, so i add another two different type of coffee mugs for the teachers. Thinking just give the glass or mug, but think it is a bit boring and look plain, and i remember i saw something similar on the website, which i can come out with.

So this is the idea, i add some milo 3 in one pack, horlick with cereal pack, ice tea pack and coffee into the glass. Tada...this is how they look.

closer view.....

and i put the mug into this brown colour paper bag, and decorate it with some dollies and with a cloth wooden clip.

this is the five gifts for the like?

I hope the teachers like the small gift, a little token from my boys to the teachers to thank you teachers for their hard work.

Friday, June 15, 2012

7th Birthday Celebration

Sigh, neglect this blog again. Time to update all the backdated post!!

My boys turned 7 years old last month, we had a small celebration for them few days before their actual day because this year their actual birthday was fall on an exam week and it is also a weekday.

This year a little bit special, we had a joint birthday party with Ashley. If you have follow this blog, you will know that Ashley share the same birth date as my boys. We don't have any idea on what to do for the party, suddenly this "splish splash" water party idea come to our mind. When we got the idea, we start working on it, it's a very last minute planning, i think we only got two weeks to plan for it and get all the things ready.

It was a Sunday afternoon, this is my first time doing a party in the day time, usually we do it at night.

Lucky i got Barb to come a bit early to help me with the food and the minimal decoration.
I bought two new inflatable pool with a good deal and we already got one old one at home, three big pool for the older kids, and one mini pool for toddlers.

Early morning, i get the boys to pump the air to the pool and fill water in it, while i go out to collect some finger food.

minimal decoration, some ballons and handmade birthday banner by Barb!

before the guests come, the kids alreadycan't wait and jump into the water!!

Look what Barb did, "We Are 7"!!!

some balloons...

my boys play happily with their youngest cousin.

first time i handle the party food on my own without any help from Mil or my sil!
Nuggets pan fried by Barb and i handle the pasta..Bolognise and Cabonara..

sausages, two type of poppiah, fried and original ( bought from outside)

food corner...

This cute toppers done by Barb!!!!

Big bowl of pasta, just choose the sauce you like...:)

mini chicken pie, which i order it online with a very good deal too.
Bite size and nice for party.

We had choco fondue for the kids
strawberry, banana, grapes and marsh mellow to dip in the chocolate

Fried poppiah..

roast chicken wing with mini carrot, potatoes and cucumber
prepare by your truly.

Barb prepare this marshmellow pop!! so cute.

and she prepare this too,
hmmmm...i will call it cookie stick pop? hahha

look at all the boys!! Including an "old" one in there too..tsk tsk tsk

three girls having some girls talk.

A picture of all the mummies, ok..except the lady beside me, my good friend. :)

hmmm..i wonder this is whose party.
Look like someone enjoy himself a lot more with the
water gun!

their birthday cupcakes this year - Avenges!!

Putting on the candles...Happy Birthday boys!

A group picture for the album.

Last, it's the pinata time!!!

they request it last year, but we didn't get it for them.
This year, finally they got the pinata!

Cruz in action!!

Tada!! Look at all the sweets!!!

look at all the kids busy picking up the sweets.

Party end about 4pm. It was heavy downpour while the kids are hitting the pinata.
After all the guest left, me and the maids clean up the place, by the time i finish, it was almost 6pm! I am so dead tired and exhausted, but when i see my boys happy face,i told myself it all worth my hard work.

Thanks for those who come to the party and thank you for the lovely pressie for my boys!!