Friday, July 27, 2012

Incredible Chennai India Trip

Three months back ( wow..that's long) i went for my FIRST company trip and my FIRST alone trip to oversea and this is also my FIRST time leave the house without the boys and the boys FIRST time without me with them for 3 days! You may said it is a short period but my boys or should i said Cruz start his "drama" on my second day holidays?

I leave the house early morning on 28/4, and if you remember that day, it was another "Bersih", and there was some road block while on my way to KL Sentral, lucky they didn't stop our car, ( i am wearing yellow shirt on that day!!)

After met up with my colleagues at KL sentral and we took the ERL to airport, flight depart at 8.55am, before the flight depart, i give a call to my boys, they already awake, a quick bye bye and a quick talk, i have to hang up the phone fast, i can sense that Cruz start sobbing. :(

We are taking Jet Airways to Chennai, it is about 4 hours flight. Quite disappoint with the flight, no in flight entertaiment and no in flight shopping too. I think AA still a lot better than Jet Airways :( Lucky i brought my book and my mp3 to kill the time.

in flight meal, before reach India, i already get to taste the indian cuisine .

The white colour thing, look like Jelly, it is actually fresh sour yogurt! Eeeeeeeeee..

We arrived at Anna International Airport at about 10.15am local time ( it is 2 hours different from Malaysia) once we out from the flight we can feel the heat and the bus that bring us to the terminal, there was no air cond in the bus, i don't know it is like that or the bus that we took, the air cond was faulty, it's like sauna inside! OMG!

We walk a long way to the immigartion counter and we saw long queue at every counter, i think we spent almost 1/2 hour or more than that to go through the immigration.

a very simple immigration counter.. :)

Nothing much in the airport itself, very simple design, that's all.

Car rental counter...

When we step out the airport, we saw a lot people are standing there. AH! They are not there to welcoming us, hahahhahahah

this is the bus that we are using for three days. Nice and comfy with strong air cond! I like.

We are going to hotel to check in and put down our baggage, then only out for lunch. The traffic was horrify, worst than KL. I think if you can drive in India, you can drive in anywhere else.

they have toot toot car there too!! I am glad we did get the ride on the last day.

this is their public transport, look interesting?

look at the traffic, their driving very scary, no follow rule, just drive as they like, tsk tsk tsk..if you sit on bus, at the front row, make sure you got strong heart! hahahhahah

one of the building along the road...

another sight think this people are poor? No, they are not, goverment give them place to stay, but they rather rent out the place and choose to stay at this place.

Sometime you can see a big contrast in the town, some can be very rich stay in a nice place and a proper house and some you can see they still stay under the bridge, with no roof , nothing surround, just an empty land, they cook and stay all there, a very sad view.

We took about 1/2 hour to 45 mins only reach the hotel, due to the heavy traffic on a Saturday noon. Finally we are here at Taj Coromandel Hotel at Chennai, a beautiful hotel. Tight security, we have to get our bags and body scan each time before entering the hotel.

hotel lobby


another view

here is our room for two nights, i am sharing the room with another colleague

big and comfortable room

sitting area

our room facing the pool

cool and big bathroom, i like!!

shower room, i like the gadget!!

Big and small rain shower head!

lift landing area

this is the view of the hotel, look old outside, and the rooms look new because they just reburnished it.

After we checked in and put down out bag then we out for lunch. It is almost 1pm and we all are dead hungry!! 1st lunch in India, we are here at the famous Annalakshmi Vegetarian Restaurant. When i hear the word, vegetarian, oh no, i got nothing to eat.

first, they serve this...hmmm..i forgot what is this..some soup i think

then this..vada?

here come my food, oh..i tell you, it is so yummylicious!!! I never like indian food but this is so different from the indian food in Malaysia, and the curry very nice, if you know me, i am also not a curry person, and i find grape in the curry! Interesting. The only thing i didn't touch is the white colour yogurt, i still cannot take it, sour....

ok, i don't remember what is what, the centre white colour is garlic bread, taste very good. In fact all taste good and i finish all, either i am too hungry or the food is really good!

i love their rice, especially the white one, i eat so much!!

our drinks...

after we finished the food, they serve this, saids this is to help us to digest. I taste a bit, hmmm..something sourish and i think it is rice underneath, i didn't finish.

After our lovely lunch, it is about 2pm in the afternoon , straight we went for the city tour and visit Kollywood.

filming place..

i love this mosaic pictures on the wall..can you spot me?

After we finish the filming place, we went to another place, it was so so hot!!

look closer, can you see i got a travel agency in Chennai too. LOL!! (just kidding)

they show me different room and different place on how they do the show, or film shooting, but because of the energy saving, they got power cut on some area, and you don't get power one whole day, sometime you only get electric power for 3 or 4 hours, then other time you have to use the generator. So most places we visit are dark and hot and stuffy!

This one that we visited, it happen they are going to do some film shooting on some "game show" so all of us invited as the "part time audience"!!! It is so so funny, we clap our hands loud, we cheers, like real and the sport light and camera all shooting at us.

this is the contestants getting ready before the show start.

After visit a few, we decide to go back to hotel, it was hot and no wind, i can feel my sweat was dropping down from my forehead and my hair..tsk tsk tsk

and i cannot imagine how they can do the shooting under the hot sun and won't the make up melt?

We told the tour guide we don't want city tour, we just want to go back hotel to have shower, so on the way back, we do the "city tour" by just sitting in the bus.

this is their central market, selling vegetables, fish, flower, fruits, looks very interesting, but we are not going down for visit.

sometime you can see some cows on the road...

you can see some of them just sitting at the road side and sell things.

despite the hot & dry weather, but their fruits look very fresh and big.

evening market ..

By the time we reached hotel, we got 2 hours to refresh ourself then it's time to go out for dinner.

turn down service...

Maybe our body still cannot adjust the time zone in India, although just two hours different, can imagine, we had our dinner at 8pm, which in 10pm in Malaysia, we are hungry and sleepy!! That night, we are having a very nice Thai cuisine at Benjarong Restaurant in Chennai, i only realise when i am back, i only took two food pictures at this place! Either i am too hungry and forgot to snap pictures. If you ever visit Chennai one day, must go to this Thai Restaurant, highly recommend.


this is some of the foods on my plate.

to be continue.........


Small Kucing said...

hmm...the bus looks like our mini bus back in 80s.

hotel doesnt look much from the outside but inside very beautiful

ya noticed their slum area. on and off the government will demolish and yet it will grow back.

food looks good

CUMI & CIKI said...
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CUMI & CIKI said...

great photos babe! I've only ever been to Delhi and Agra but I really loved the food and sights there! Sari shopping was fun! LOL :)

your post makes me wanna go back!

suituapui said...

Didn't you blog on this? Hmmm...must have seen the photos on Facebook then.

Ooooo...the hotel room looks so very nice. Should be cheap if convert to our money? They say India all cheap one.

Now you've tried the real Indian food in India. Same as KL's...or better or not as nice?

Sasha Tan said...

wah looks like u got the upper class holiday in india. usually ppl go sure lausai cos of the food and drinks.

MeRy said...

India.....Nice place to visit.

Rebecca Saw said...

Never been to INdia. Damn , i wanna eat those yummy indian food!

Shoping mall consultant said...

Nice information about Chennai trip and Chennai Shopping.
Thanks for the post.
Keep posting further....

Thristhan said...

I would like to explore Chennai one day. I heard all the celebrities like to chill at clubs there :) Must go meet them.

Annie Q said...

Small Kucing: Yea, now you said it, it do looks like our bus back in 90's or 80's. But did you notice their bus window are at the bottom not on top.
Oh yes, if you see outside of the hotel, you won't believe it look so modern and nice inside, it's like two different world.

Cumi & Ciki: Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. At least you been to Delhi and Agra, i only been to Chennai. An interesting place i would said, if not company trip, i don't think i will ever think of going to India. Now i fall in love with their food! I missed their food so much.
Sari shopping, colleagues had a good time shopping for Sari!

Suituapui: No, i have not blog about it, so many back dated post, i just want to jotted all down, for my own reference. :) Ya, those pictures you saw was all in facebook, the faster way ma.
Oh, India food a lot nicer than KL's!! Really, although i am not so into indian food, now i start craving and start missed Indian food!!!

Annie Q said...

Sasha: yes, our boss scare we all lausai, so during our trip, we all only dine in better restaurant. Even road side food we also no chance to try and not encourage to try, tour guide said , maybe our stomach cannot take it .

Mery: actually nothing much in India, but a nice place for photography and for their food , and it is also a very nice experience too. If got chance , not a bad place for holiday but I think not so suitable to bring kids there .

Rebecca Saw: Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. Yes, now slowly I start to like Indian food , and it change my perception towards Indian food , I find their vegetarian very tasty too! Indian food in India sure a lot tasty than the Indian food here!!

Shopping Mall Consultant: Thanks for dropping by my humble blog and also for the comment. :)

Thristhan: Thank you for dropping by my humble blog! Chennai, quite an interesting place and it's a different kind of experience . I don't know about celebrities , but we do have a surprise on the last day . Stay tune for my post and I hope I can do it fast!

Yee Ling said...

my sil in law told me although the traffic is horrible and the driver drives insanely...but their accident rate is low..

their water is quite polluted so is good to dine in better places else lau sai.

chinnee ( said...

Annie, u so adventurous, dare to explore to India, hahaha!!! Is the security there good? Is it dangerous?

Immomsdaughter said...

Wah! So good got company trip oversea. Somemore, good accommodation and food. Me only got go over the sea to KL :P

prince n princess mum said...

So nice.. never got chance to visit india yet..

reshma M said...
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reshma M said...
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Hai Baji said...
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snigdha G said...
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Faisal Admar said...

Wow, reading your post make me feel want to fly to India now :) Love those foods!

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