Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Special Day - 22-01-2012

I am turning into my BIG 4 today!! Yes, a year older and a year wiser, i hope not only my body getting wiser. LOL

Today it is also Chinese New Year eve, everyone is celebrating this day with having reunion dinner with family members. We had it week earlier with my in laws as everyone will be flying off for holidays. As for us, we will be staying at home, and go for a quiet dinner for just 4 of us.

My bunch of thoughtful and good friends celebrated my 40th birthday few weeks ago, despite everyone are busy preparing Chinese New Year and also busy with their work but they still take some time off to have lunch and dinner with me, I am so blessed to have them.

Food post will come out soon, at the mean time, just let me post some pictures.

my 1st birthday cake..

2nd birthday cake baked by Elaine.

double dragon done by my boys on their art class.

Here wishing all my readers and everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai & Good Health, Wealth & Prosperous for the Year of the Dragon!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dim Sum & KLCC Aquarium

This year, new year's day fall on Sunday and glad we get one replacement off on Monday, and kids school only start two days after, at least we can spent sometime with the kids since during long school holidays, we all busy with a lot things and didn't bring them to go anywhere for holidays.

We all woke up quite late, and daddy suggest to go for dim sum, he said long time he did not have dim sum and there we go to Sri Petaling for dim sum.

Pan Ki Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling

Morning they sell dim sum, night time they sell Bak Ku Teh.

varieties of dim sum..

some fried stuff....

this is what we order, siew mai, har kau, fish balls...

my all time favourite - char siew pau.

lor mai kai, hmmm..this one taste so so, maybe they didn't add chinese sausage? Taste a bit "bland" to me, this is just my own opinion, maybe other like.

Hong Kong style "chu cheong fun" with char siew. yum yum!!

my two cheeky boys..

After our late dim sum brunch, we proceed to this place..................................


chinese new year deco at KLCC...lots of lantern

It was a public holidays, and the place were so crowded with people and tourist!! We want to bring the kids to Petrosains, but it was closed. :( Then my boys request to go to Aquarium, they were there when they are 2 years old plus, i don't think they remember anything, but we do show them the pictures. This is their second visit.

some view @ KLCC

We hardly go to KLCC, hubs took the chance to take some pictures of the boys.

Then from the lake, we walk over to Aquarium...

the two boys can't wait......

Lucky the queue wasn't too long, we bought the ticket and went in.

can you spot my two boys head? hahahha

When we are there, just on time for the fish feeding. It is 12 noon and 3pm, two feeding session daily. Look at the crowd..we manage to stand quite near to the glass..

see the many fishes waiting for their food

the diver feeding the fishes!

and we went on this conveyor things, it move slowly and make a big turn, my boys love it so much, and we went for two rounds and they even want for the third round.

we spent almost 2 hours at aquarium then we walked back to KLCC.

When my first time at the KLCC aquarium, i was quite impress but on my second time, i think it is ok, and especially after i had visited the one in Coex Korea (ooppppss...i have yet finish the post on my korea trip LAST YEAR, maybe i want finish it all, although it already become a histroy, but it still worth to pen it down here for my own reference. :) ) the aquarium is big and look so so nice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas cum Full Moon Party 2011

~ Backdated post ~

Ok, i know i am slow, i still catching up with my blog update!

On last Christmas Day, we had a Christmas party (actually every year we do had one) + full moon party. Hub's younger brother just got a princess, and her full moon just two days before Christmas, so we thought , it would be nice just combine both celebration together and do it on the Christmas day.

The Christmas tree at our house.

outside the house, we got this star shape light

tables and chairs and with simple star shape light deco..waiting for our guests to come...

full moon, of course got red egg..

brother in law get someone to grill the chicken wings too.

it is yummy!!

dessert corner from the cupcakes..

fruit tartlets

fried rice from the catering...

fried mee hoon

curry chicken..

mixed vegetables

yong tau foo from the catering..


fried stuff on the yong tau foo

ok, i forgot what is this, salted egg yolk with fish cake? Hmmmm...

fish fillet with thai sauce

chicken with lemon sauce

hmmm..another type of fried stuff to dip with the sauce.

this is something kerabu, chicken feet skin? Eeeeeeee...i don't touch this


roast pig!!!

full moon must have - chicken wine, my mother in law cook this.

another must have - vinegar pork trotters, yum, my mother in law cooked, hers is the best.

we get someone to grill the satay too!

lamb & chicken satay...

roast pork!

look at our guests....

my sister in law get a clown to entertain the kids

gifts corner....

We also have gift exchange on that night, those guest who participate, they brought a gift, and we tag it with numbers.

While kids entertain by the clown, we adults had a quick gift exchange before the kids " zoom " in to get their pressies. hahahhaha

me and hub get our pressie.

and my boys get their pressie from me and also Amber and Ashley.

All of us had a great fun time and I hope our guests enjoy themselves with the food too.