Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My First Time

Another 4 more days, i will be going for the company trip and also this will be my very first time leave my boys behind for three days since they born till today. I remember last year i suppose to join company trip, but for some reason i didn't make it, and i remember i blog about it .

Two weeks ago, i just casually told the boys that, i will be away for a company trip for three days, i didn't tell them it is a "holidays" for me. At first they seems ok, ask me where i go, who i go with, how i go. After some talk, Cruz was quiet out of sudden, and he ask me again, where did i go, how long, which date and the more he asked, i can see tears in his eyes, but i "pretend" i didn't see it. When he see me no reaction, he asked, did you see got tears in my eyes? Then he start sobbing , then with crying, and he cannot control and he just cry so bad. OMG! I told myself i shouldn't have tell them if i know Cruz will cry so bad. I manage to calm him down with nice word and tell him, three days will pass very fast, and daddy will take over the task to sent them for swimming class and all. And on the forth day morning, once he open his eyes from his sleep, he will see me at home already. To make him feel a lot more better and happy, i brought them to Mcd. From that day onwards they start count down when i am leaving and this cheeky Cruz can tell me or to make me feel bad, he said , on the morning you leave, i open my eyes and i cannot see you, i will cry cry cry till night!! *sigh*

Last two days, Cruz mention to me again, you're leaving this Saturday? I told him yes, and he said, ok, i am a big boy already, i won't cry again, *I hope*. On the other hand, Fearles, always the cool one or he is the type that he hardly express his feeling.

Well, this will be my first travel without the boys and my boys first without me around for three days. We will see how it goes....

Monday, April 23, 2012

"I am so sorry" the magic word

Lately this word " I am so sorry" come out from my boys mouth very often, especially this year, when they are in their standard one.

When first time, Cruz called me while i am at work, first thing he said was "i am so sorry, mummy". I am a bit shock and worry, i thought what is happen. When i asked him, what had happen, he told me, he misplace his water bottle in school and cannot find it. He scare i will scold him and before i found out, he quickly call and said "sorry". As he always see me, lecture Fearles on his absent mind always left things behind at school.

I am quite srict with them, i make sure they bring back their lunch box, water bottle, textbooks, and all their belonging  home. I can said, daily, they lost their eraser, sharpener, pencils and what ever and sometime they even forgot to bring back their pencil case or text book and leave it at school, i will give them a good lecture! Did i mention, there was once, Cruz left his school bag at the school gate and forgot to bring it back? Lucky the transporter was kind enough, and manage to get someone locate the school bag and bring it for her.

Well, last week, Cruz did it again. He called and said, " I am so sorry, mummy", this time i am cool and asked " so what you lost this time?" He paused and said, my lunch box "fly away" from the window!! I said how can this happen, he told me he want to finish his bread and don't know why suddenly the box FLY and only left the cover and a small container didn't fly . *slap forehead*

This is my boys, daily drama and daily heart attack moment.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Holiday @ Seoul 2012

Since now my boys are on primary school, we cannot let them skip school like what we did for last few years. Last month, during the one week school holidays, we went to Seoul, Korea again. You may ask what is so nice about Seoul, hmmm...i don't know, but i just love the place and actually this time we thought want to bring the kids to ski, but wrong timing, ski season was over. I think we have to save that for next time.

This round, we took Air Asia for the first time for our oversea trip. We are tired of transit flight, so we think take a direct flight, it will be easier and at least we all can sleep and rest in the flight. Honest opinion, i didn't sleep well, maybe the max just 1/2 hour and wake up on off, the seat was quite small and hard hard for me to fall sleep, can imagine the 6 hours + flight. My boys sleep through till it landed.

We arrived at Incheon International airport in the early morning at 5.30am! After got our baggage and we took the airport bus direct to our hotel.

This time we choose to stay at the Myeong Dong, a very happening area and a shopping district, it is very convenient for me to shop!! And don't need like previous year, after shop we have to carry the things all the way back to hotel.

while waiting for the bus, we took a picture. It was -5C on the day we arrived, lucky we bring enough clothes to keep us warm.

Ibis Seoul Hotel Myeong Dong

this is their reception on the 19th floor!!!

We were early, and the room is not ready. We store the baggage at the concierge counter, and we went out to hunt for some food and do some shopping ! No waste any time. hahahha

on the myeong dong street. This place getting crowd at night, the later the crowder!

this is the street stall we check out for our breakfast

noom noom noom on the sausages!!

After having our light breakfast and do some little shopping, we went back to hotel to freshen up ourself, and we go out again for our late lunch and another round shopping. This is our day 1 itinerary, nothing much, relax day and just shop around our hotel area.

You may wonder how come this time i didn't snap any hotel room picture, hmmmm..a bit disappoint, the room was rather small and it is really hard to fit four of us. With our three big baggage, we hardly got any space to walk around. We miss the hotel that we stayed last year, it was a bit not so convenient for shopping but the room is a lot more bigger and comfortable.

Opposite our hotel, it is the Lotte Department store, at first we thought we want to go to the food court there for late lunch, but apparently it is closed for some renovation or something. And to our surprise, at the entrance, actually it is the mini Star Avenue!!

i took a picture with my "yummy candy" hahha

and there are some famous artist and actress hand print

Since the food court was closed, we just went out on the street and find some restaurant to have our late lunch.

we settle with Japanese lunch..

after "re-charge" the "battery" in our tummy, we continue with our street shopping again.

check out the bag at this shop - OMBRE, the bags quality are good, soft cow leather, price all from RM300+ and above. :S:S

Then we came to this crocs shop, we went in and check out the Crocs shoe for the boys. Then we saw a sign saids, there was a cafe on the third floor, we thought we can sit down and have a rest and a cup of coffee, before we continue our shopping again. Not knowing that, actually this cafe is free for the customers, ok, i am not sure whether everyone can just walk in and drink or they only serve it to the crocs customers.

Anyway, when we walked up to the third floor, a very nice and unique design cafe appear in front of us, i like it very much!!

use the shoe as part of the deco, bright idea.

the sitting place, with a projector screen .

want to act like "tai tai" to enjoy my coffee and do some little manicure? Can you see there is nail polish on the table!!!

this is the cafe view, and did you spot the ipad on the table, it is free for customer to play!!

beverage area, coffee and soft drinks

not only adults got entertaiment, kids also got.

After rest enough, we get the shoe, paid and continue our shopping again.

before we leave, get the boys to pose for the camera . I love this picture.

This is on a normal day late afternoon, not so crowd, you should see my post on my last day on a weekend afternoon, that is scary on the crowd!

a unique buildling..

and a cute and unique statue in front of a building...

After we put the things back to our hotel room, then we are out again for the "Jump" show. Hmmmm..we are still prefer the Nanta Show compare to this Jump show, kind of a bit boring, but my boys quite enjoy it.

After the show, we walked back to our hotel, actually it was quite near, it was about 15 - 20 mins walk, but we walked the wrong way, and we walked almost one hour only reached our hotel. :(:( It was a cold and windy night, and we just settle fast food burger as our dinner.

This is all about our Day 1......

Monday, April 09, 2012

My Boy's Masterpiece

I'm back!!! Ah! My last post was a month ago! I think this is the longest time that i didn't update my blog. *sigh*

Ever since my boys start their standard one, i get lesser time for my blog or any other things. Now my weekend also full with their activities, beside than their art class, music class now add on Mental Arithmetic and swimming class on weekend. *breath in breath out*. We only got one rest day which is on Sunday. If my boys got replacement school on Saturday, means our Sunday also another busy day with the extra class.

Beside than the busy schdule and my age catching up too, i was not well for a while, flu and cough seems like me a lot, it had been bother me a while. Hope it will all over soon.

Well, today just a simple post to "warm" this blog up, before i start on my "family holidays trip" . It had been sometime i didn't update my boy's art and craft. This is some of it.

sleeping boy with an UFO outside the window. :S *watch too much TV*

at the beach side...

their favourite time, playing game!!


field trip, one to beach, one to the farm.

their craft - angry bird clock!!

door hanger

note book...

tissue holder, cute??