Monday, April 29, 2013


I am back, after disappear for almost a year! Yes, this is the most longest time i "missing" from blogging world.

Notice some changes on my header and my blog? When i log in to my blogspot, i notice my header went missing, my itchy hand go and click here and there, end up the whole thing go haywire. :(

Well, new "clothes" for my blog and a new start on blogging. Hope i can update this blog as often as i can! I missed out so much update about my boys!


coffeesncookies said...

Welcome back Annie. Love the photos of the baby boyz !!!

CL said...

wow .. you are back!! welcome back!!

Small Kucing said...

welcome back annie

suituapui said...

Very nice. Love your cute your boys!!! Welcome back! Come, come...don't be lazy now. Let's have more updates on how you and your boys are doing!!!!!

Annie Q said...

coffeesncookies - Thanks! I think Cruz look like "ah pek". Oooppss..i think i change another picture of them already. :P

CL - AH! Thanks Chew Lee!

Small Kucing - Thank you thank you.

suituapui - heheheh...i think by the time you read this, i change another header already. :P
Ya, when one day my boys start to read this blog, they will ask, what happen to their first year school life in big school, not much update.

coffeesncookies said...

keep it up. perhaps give me some inspiration too