Sunday, May 05, 2013

A very special day

0505, it is a date that I signed the paper 15 years ago and become Mrs. Lee. Yes, today is our 15th Anniversary! Not only that, today also Malaysia GE13, it is an exciting day.

We didn't have a big celebration, but just a quiet dinner with my in law and my mum to celebrate this day and at the same time we celebrate an earlier Mother's Day too. Everyone want to have a quick dinner and go back home and glue on the tv, to see the election result.

Happy Anniversary to my hubby and hope there is a good news on the election result too!!

Friday, May 03, 2013

We missed you!

Before i start with all the post, this is another back dated post which i think i need to noted this down.

Our beloved grandpa , my boys's great grandpa left us on 26.02.2013 @ 4am. It is sad to lost him, and till today i still missed him very much , although, every year i only went back once to see him. Last two nights i still dreamt of my grandpa, but we all know he is in a better place now, and no more suffering.

I am glad he manage to see his 4th generation and he did  see them grow year by year till now, almost 8 years old! Rest in peace grandpa, you will always in our heart.

my boys second year with their great grandpa during chinese new year

their third year back to celebrate their great grandpa birthday.